2004-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Physics PhDs in academic year ending in 2004


Thesis Title

Anderson, Meredith
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Measuring the Atomic Kinetics of Cu Surface Alloys Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Low-Energy Electron
Ashutosh, Ashutosh
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Growth of Gallium Nitride on Porous Silicon Carbide Substrates
Chen, Xia
Advisor:   Steve Garoff
Effects of Thin and Ultra-Thin Liquid Films on Dynamic Wetting
Fasnacht, Marc
Advisor:   Robert Swendsen
Adaptive Monte Carlo Methods
Harey, Andrew
Advisor:   Leonard Kisslinger
Pion Cloud Contributions to Nucleon Masses in Finite Nuclei
Hirschfelder, Jessica
Advisor:   Tom Ferguson
Quark Pair Production in Electron-Positron Collisions at 192-208 GeV
Humfeld, Keith
Advisor:   Steve Garoff
Interface Shapes and Thin Film Structures of Complete, Partial, and Pseudo Wetting Systems
Knudson, Adam
Advisor:   Richard Griffiths
X-Ray Luminosity Evolution of Normal Galaxies
Martin, Matthew
Advisor:   Richard Holman
Two Cosmological Scenarios in Spaces of Maximal Symmetry
Liu, Yufeng
Advisor:   John Nagle
New Method to Obtain Structure of Biomembranes Using Diffuse X-Ray Scattering: Application to Fluid Phase DOPC Lipid Bilayers
McKay, Hugh
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Nanoscale Microscopy of Semiconductor Epitaxy
Zabel, Shane
Advisor:   Jeff Peterson
The Physical Optics of Caustic Crossings in Gravitational Lensing