2001-Dept of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University

Physics PhDs in academic year ending in 2001


Thesis Title

Banerjee, Shubho
Advisor:   Michael Widom
Study of Morphological and Thermodynamic Properties of Dipolar Fluids
Chen, Huajie
Advisor:   Randy Feenstra
Growth and Scanning Probe Microscopy of III-V Semiconductor Alloys
Chiang, Cheng-Wei
Advisor:   Fred Gilman
Study of CP Violation in K and B Mesons
Koran, Phillip
Advisor:   Brian Quinn
BNL-E813: Search for the H-Dibaryon Through χ-Capture on the Deuteron
Kushnirenko, Alexander
Advisor:   James Russ
Precision Measurements of the Λc+ and D0
Lee, Hwee Kuan
Advisor:   Robert Swendsen
Monte Carlo Simulations of Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition and Quasicrystals
Li, Gang
Advisor:   Jimmy Zhu
Computer Simulation of Magnetic Tape Recording
Low, Ian
Advisor:   Ira Rothstein
Determination of Vub from Inclusive B Decays
Luokkala, Barry
Advisor:   Steve Garoff
Interfacial Structure and Rearrangement on Nonionic Surfactants near a Receding Contact Line
Shi, Changqing (Rick)
Advisor:   Jimmy Zhu
High Data Rate Degradation and Medium Thermal Stability in Ultra-High Density Magnetic Recording