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Physics Courses

The Department of Physics offers a broad range of introductory and advanced courses for students at all levels. These are essential for careers spanning from future scientists and engineers to "future presidents". (Offered since 2009, Physics for Future Presidents [33-115] provides basic "kitchen physics" to non-technical audiences. The course is intended to help students form their own rational opinions – or future presidents to arrive at informed decisions – on topics of social and political importance, such as energy production, global warming, radioactivity, terrorism, or space travel.) Core courses cover classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, mathematical methods, statistical physics and thermodynamics. Specialized courses in relativity, astrophysics, biological physics, nuclear and particle physics, computational physics, condensed matter physics, and nanoscience provide advanced training, primarily to graduate students. Hands-on learning is offered in a range of laboratory courses, including courses in electronics, optics and modern aspects of physics, such as non-linear phenomena, optical pumping or cosmic ray muons. In addition, we offer several popular electives, such as "The Physics of Musical Sound" and "Science and Science Fiction".