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Research Handbook

The Complete Handbook (Complete Handbook - 180 pages)
The Research Handbook (Research Handbook - 88 pages )

Appendix A - Proposal Checklist 

Appendix B - Sponsors with Electronic Proposal Submissions 

Appendix C - CMU Proposal Routing and Signoff Sheet (Excel Version)

Appendix D - Carnegie Mellon Negotiated F&A Agreement - FY2010 

Appendix E  - Current Facilities and Administration Chart

Appendix F  - Interdepartmental Budget and Sign Off Sheet

Appendix G - Standard Budget Justification

Appendix H - Oracle Award Number Methodology

 Appendix I - Regulatory Compliance Forms (Regulatory Compliance)

        Institutional Review Board / Human Subjects (Human Subjects under Regulatory Compliance)

        Institutional Animal Care and Use / Animal Subjects (Animal Research under Regulatory Compliance)

        Institutional BioSafety Committee / rDNA (Recombinant DNA under Compliance)

        Conflict of Interest Disclosure (Conflict of Interest under Regulatory Compliance)

Appendix J - University Policies (CMU Policies Link)

        Authorized signatures for Agreements, Contracts, and Licences (AuthSig.html)

        Charging Administrative Cost Directly to Sponsored Research AdminCosts.html

        Conflict of Interest/Commitment IntConflict.html

        Consulting by Faculty FacConsult.html

        Cost Transfer for Sponsored Programs CostTrans.html

        Financial Reports Retention FinancialRecords.html

        Handling Alleged Misconduct In Research At Carnegie Mellon University ResrchMisc.html

        Human Subjects in Research HumanResearch.html

        Intellectual Property IntellProp.html

        Property Accounting Procedures Addendum Property.html

        Purchasing Policy Website 

        Research Faculty Appointments ResearchFac.html

        Research Proposals: Government, Corporations, and Foundations  Proposals.html

        Restricted Research RestrictResearch.html

        Special Services Payments for Internal Consulting Activities InternalConsult.html

        Summer Salary SumSalary.html

        Travel Expense Reimbursement Travel.html

Appendix K - Articles of Incorporation of CMU

Appendix L - 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status Confirmation

Appendix M - Patentable Routing Sheet

Appendix N - Relation between Cost Sharing and Overhead

Appendix O - Useful Websites

Appendix P - Subagreement Procedures

Appendix Q - Consulting vs. Employee

Appendix R - List of other Useful Manuals/Regulations

Appendix S - Other items