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Pre-Award Administrators

The Pre-award Administration Staff reviews and approves research proposals, ensures the accuracy of the budget for the proposed project, and handles the award negotiations. We also answer any inquiries related to regulations of the various funding agencies.

  • James Casey, Pre-award Team Manager email Jim
  • Rob Kearns, Senior Pre-Award Administrator, takes care of all Non-Federal Sponsors (including ones with federal flow-throughs)  email Rob
  • Coreen Musser, Pre-Award Administrator, is responsible for Proposal compliance and budgeting testing email Coreen
  • Anissa Myers, Pre-Award Administrator, handles all Federal Prime awards and oversees all federal electronic proposal submissions  email Anissa
  • Diane McCrea, Pre-Award Administrator, is responsible for all Non-Federal Sponsors (including ones with federal flow-throughs) email Diane
  • Amanda Baumann, Pre-Award Administrator email Amanda