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Limited Submission Proposals

Faculty Guidelines

Many federal funding agencies restrict the number of proposals or applications that may be submitted in response to a given announcement. The Office of Sponsored Programs will announce to campus those programs with limited submissions and solicit abstracts from interested faculty. You are responsible for responding to these announcements before the deadline in order to express interest in these programs.

If you identify a program which interests you and is not listed on our site please contact Anissa Myers (412-268-6157). Please alert us as early as possible about the agency and program in which you are interested. We must be notified prior to the deadline in order to consider your project for submission.

Two to three months prior to the institution's submission deadline, we will solicit abstracts from the campus community via email. Abstracts need to be submitted by email to Anissa Myers eight weeks before the agency's deadline. Abstracts are then distributed to a faculty committee for review. If fewer abstracts are submitted than the number of allowable submissions, no review is necessary.

An abstract submitted for consideration should include: 

 1.Working Title  4.Is this a new submission or a resubmission?
 2.Principal Investigator and contact information  5.Projected one page budget
 3.Co-Principal Investigators

 6.Two to three page project description

    (minimum font size of 11 pt.)

Carnegie Mellon's Office of Foundation Relations coordinates the submission of all proposals to private foundations. In many cases, the university is limited in the number of proposals it may submit to a particular competition, and the foundation relations group assists in coordinating the university's nominees. Such competitions include Packard, Burroughs Wellcome, Searle, Dana, Keck, HHMI, Dreyfus, John Merck, and the Pew Scholars in Biomedical Research. (Please note that the National Science Foundation is a government agency and not a private foundation.) Even in cases where submissions are not limited, researchers should contact the foundation relations group when applying to a private foundation, as they may be able to assist them with the application process. Please contact Krista Campbell at or 412-268-5360, or go to