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Frequently Requested Items  

 Animal Welfare Assurance No. (OLAW)


Authorized Organizational Representative

              *For AOR use this name and address

Rochelle Athey, CRA

Associate Vice Provost of Sponsored Programs

Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue

WQED Building

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Phone: 412.268.8746

Fax: 412.268.6279

 SAM (CCR) Registration

Active registration status

Current Expiration: 02/14/2014

 CEC Code


 Checks made payable to and mailed to

Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Services Group

P.O. Box 371032M

Pittsburgh, PA  15250-7032

 CMU Annual Reports

 Follow this link

Commercial Agency Govt (CAGE) Identity;  (Also FAC)


 Congressional District




Cognizant Audit Agency and CAS Filing Address 

  DCAA Information


Defense Contract Audit Agency

Pittsburgh Branch Office 

Mark Wasser

412 Wm. S. Moorhead Fed Bldg

1000 Liberty Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA  15222-4003

Tel: (412-395-4956)

 DCMA Contact Information

Commander DCMAO

Defense Contract Management Agency Pittsburgh 

VA Highland Drive Facility

Building # 6

7180 Highland Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15206-1297



 Gov't Representations and Certifications (ORCA)

 Supply DUNS # under search: 05-218-4116  link -

 EIN/TIN Number


 Endowment Size


 Executive Officers

CMU Weblink

 Facilities and Administration Rate Agreement -  ONR (Office of Naval Research)

  Cognizant Agency

Office of Naval Research

875 North Randolph St. Rm 373

Arlington, VA 22203

(Date: March 25, 2014)

2014 Rate Agreement

Contact for Agreement:

David F. Godfrey

(703) 696-2586;


Carnegie Mellon Fastfacts link

 FSC/CAGE Number


 Federal Interagency Committee on Education (FICE)#

 FICE# 003242

 Human Subjects No. (FWA)

 FWA00004206 - (Expires on May 9, 2017)

 National Science Foundation Submitting code


 IRB Registration Number

 IRB # 00000603 (Expires October 25, 2016)

NAICS - North American Industrial Classification System

 NAICS#  611310

ONR-ACO Contact Information


ACO Chicago Regional Office

     (Office of Naval Research) 

Dildree Ivery

230 South Deaborn Street, Suite 380

Chicago, Illinois, 60604

P 312-886-2167 F 312-353-6089

 Operating Budget (annual) as of 2006

~$ 988,000,000

 ORCA Web Address


 Procurement (purchasing) System Approval Letter

 Download procurement letter

 Property Control Review Date and Letter (DOD)

 Download property letter

 Subcontracting Plan

 Master Subcontracting Plan (July 2012)

 Small Business Subcontract Plan Attachment   


 Standard Industrial Code (SIC)

 8221 (universities)

 Tax Identifier No. (TIN) 25-0969449  
 Tax Exemption Letter - 501(c)(3)

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 Trustees Information

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Year of Incorporation 1900