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Frequently Asked Questions


*Q: I see the word "subcontract." Whom in OSP can I call with questions?

A: Please call Kristen Jackson at 412-268-9527

Clarification on Subcontracts 

*Q: Is it research or is it a gift?

A: Please read Appendix A from the Accounting Manual.

 Appendix A

*Q: I have questions about the IRB (Institutional Review Board).

A: Please download the IRB FAQs.


 Human Subjects under Regulatory Compliance.

*Q. As a PI, do I need to register with

A.  No, only requires an organizational registration. 

 Click here for FAQ file

*Q.  What information goes into the SF424 form?

A.  Please see the FAQ file

 Click here to view the Q&A file.

*Q. What do I need to do to request an F&A Waiver for a proposal?

A.  Please refer to the F&A Waiver Guidelines and request form.

Click here to view the F&A Waiver Guidelines and request form.