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Contracts Administrators

  • Lynn Young, Contracts Manager  (412.268.1206) email Lynn
  • Matt Bartman, Contracts Officer  (412.268.2255) email Matt
  • Christine Bedillion, Contracts Officer (412-268-9912) email Christine
  • Patricia Clark, Contracts Officer (412.268.8746)  email Patty
  • Brenda Fink, Contracts Officer (412.268.1770) email Brenda
  • John Porco, Contracts Officer, WQED (412.268.1195) email John
  • Julia Sobol, Contracts Officer (412.268.2812) email Julia
  • Kristen Jackson, Subcontract Officer (412.268.9527 email Kristen

Intake Process for Contract and Subcontract Documents:

For submittals of contract documents for review and processing by OSP, please submit them with a detailed explanation of your request to Your request will be assigned to an appropriate contracts officer, who will contact you promptly to acknowledge the submittal and to identify themselves as the responsible OSP contracts officer.

For submittal of requests for subawards or professional service agreements, please review and complete the Request for Subaward Professional Services Agreement Checklist [doc] and forward your request to  Your request will be assigned to the Subcontracts Administrator, who will contact you promptly to acknowledge the submittal.