Registration Information-The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Registration Information

Terms per Year

Osher at CMU offers three terms: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall with two sessions per term. 

Registration Fee

The registration fee per term for Members is $50.00 for an unlimited number of courses, plus material fees, if applicable. Propects will be invited via email to register for courses with open seats. Prospect registration fee is $85, plus material fees if applicable.

Online Registration

Members may register online by clicking on "Members Sign In", signing in, and registering with a credit card. Members will receive an email alert when online registration has opened for an upcoming term.  


If you are mailing your registration form, be sure to include all course materials fees along with your registration fee. Make your check payable to Osher at CMU or include your credit card information. Paper registrations are processed when online registration begins in the order that they are received in the office.

Materials Fees

  • Materials for certain courses are purchased by the study leader well in advance of the start of class.
  • Material fees are non-refundable.
  • All material fees are due at the time of registration unless otherwise stated.
  • Should you not be admitted to a course, your prepaid fee will remain as an electronic voucher (credit) that may be used in the future, or you may request that the fee be refunded to you by a check. 

Confirmation Notices

A confirmation notice for each course you are admitted to will be emailed to you as soon as you are admitted. If you are put on a waiting list for any course you will also receive a notice. Please read the notice carefully. Your confirmation notice will have the most up to date information as of that date. Confirmation/waitlist notices will be mailed to those who do not have email soon after the registration is processed and phone calls will be made for any added courses.

Adding and Dropping Courses

If you wish to add or drop any course, please email the office at: or call 412-268-7489. When adding, please wait to receive enrollment confirmation before attending any classes. By formally dropping a course through the office prior to the course start date, another member may be admitted from the waiting list.

Members may add courses online by clicking on "Members Sign In", sign in, and register. 

* * * NEW * * *  Missing a Class

There has been a change in procedure.  Study Leader Assistants no longer call anyone who misses class, so do not call the office if you need to miss a class. Call the office ONLY if you are dropping a course. If you miss any other dates, indicate them on the attendance sheet.

Osher Ambassador (OA)

Osher Ambassadors (formerly known as Study Leader Assistants) are very important to the success of the Osher program. Please note your availability on your registration form or send email to the office. OAs take attendance and act as a liaison between the classroom and the office. OA training occurs prior to each session per term and takes about 30 minutes. Attending at least one training session is recommended. A/V training occurs after OA training for any member who would like to be able to assist a study leader with the audio/visual equipment. Assisting with A/V equipment is not a duty of an OA. This name change indicates a change in the emphasis of this position away from helping the study leader to facilitating a positive experience for the attendees.   

Attendance Sign In

Please check your name off on the attendance sheet for each class you attend. There is an attendance sheet for courses with 50 or fewer attendees.

Course Evaluations

Paper course evaluations will not be requested at this time. Occasionally, "Survey Monkey" is used to collect evaluations online. Participants in all new courses and selected repeat courses may receive a request via email with a link to the survey. The subject line displays Osher@CMU and the course ID and title. Course evaluations provide critical information to the Curriculum Committee and Study Leaders that receive a summary of the results. 

Course Roster

Course rosters will be provided upon request by email. This is particularly helpful for carpooling.

Open Seat Policy

The Registrar attempts to fill all empty seats. Prospects are invited to register for these seats, and members are also encouraged to add courses. Members who are registered for the current term may add course(s) online or by calling/emailing the office. Soon after registration opens, Prospects will receive via email a registration form and open course list. Prospects may return the registration form with payment or call the office with credit card information. Please wait to receive enrollment confirmation before attending any classes.

Refund Policy

  • If you drop all of your courses at least three full business days prior to your first class, you may request a refund, minus a $10 administrative fee and any materials fee(s).  Any material fee refunds will be at the discretion of the Osher office.
  • If Osher cancels a course before the course has begun and it is the only course you requested for the whole term, you are entitled to request a full refund of your registration fee and material fee, if applicable.