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Propose Course

Study Leaders - Guidelines and Information on Course Proposals and Teaching

The popularity and growth of Osher at Carnegie Mellon are because of the commitment, enthusiasm and talents of our Study Leaders. Study Leaders volunteer of their time in preparing and educating an engaged group of lifelong learners.

If you are interested in teaching for us and are new to Osher at CMU, please contact the Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs, Byron Gottfried, or Sally Cohen,, or contact the Registrar, Lyn Decker,

Course Proposals

The Fall 2016 course proposal may be downloaded as a fillable MS-Word document [DOC] or as a printed version [PDF] to be printed and mailed or faxed. NOTE: If you choose to email the MS-Word document, save the file on your computer before clicking on "Save & Send". 

Completed forms are due to the Osher office by Tuesday, April 5, 2016. We will send an email acknowledgement when we receive your course proposal form. Study leaders who are not members and their significant other will be invited to membership after teaching a full-length, 5 to 6 week course.

Dates for the Fall 2016 term classes:

  • First session:         September 6 - October 28 (no class on Sept. 5, Oct 3, Oct 12)
  • Second session:     October 31 - December 16 (no class on November 23-25) 

Who are our Study Leaders?

Study Leaders are volunteers who come from various ways of life. They bring many different talents based upon their life experience. Some present classes based upon many years of professional or business experience; others from upon hobbies or avocations that have provided them with memorable skills over the years. A few Study Leaders simply coordinate their classes and have different speakers each week.

Our students are extremely interested in continuing their education. They have a lot of intellectual and physical energy, and participate in classes enthusiastically. Study Leaders find teaching them a very rewarding experience.