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Other Publications

Current Newsletter, Catalog, and Annual Report:

Summer 15 Newsletter [pdf] * Fall 2015 Catalog [pdf] * 2014 Annual Report [pdf]

- The Newsletter, "It's All Talk", is mailed to members three times per year: Winter, Summer, and Fall. It contains articles from our members, volunteers, officers, and staff.
- The Catalog is mailed to members at which time it is posted on the website.
- The Annual Report is presented at the annual luncheon in April. It is distributed to members at the meeting.

These publications are available as PDFs; if you don't already have Adobe Reader, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

By-laws & Affiliation Agreement:

By-laws [pdf] * Affiliation Agreement & Amendments [pdf]


Signatures is a collection of poems, prose, short stories and photos compiled into a soft-cover book and published occasionally. Entries may be submitted in the Osher office. Past editions are available in the Osher office.

Archived Publications:

Newsletters [pdf]:

Winter/Spring 15
Winter/Spring 14 Summer 14 Fall 14
Winter/Spring 13 Summer 13 Fall 13
Winter/Spring 12 Summer 12 Fall 12
Winter/Spring 11 Summer 11 Fall 11
Winter/Spring 10 Summer 10 Fall 10
Winter/Spring 09 Summer 09 Fall 09
Winter/Spring 08 Summer 08 Fall 08
Winter/Spring 07 Summer 07 Fall 07

Catalog [pdf]:

Winter/Spring 15 Summer 15
Winter/Spring 14 Summer 14 Fall 14
Winter/Spring 13 Summer 13 Fall 13

Annual Report:

2013 [pdf]
2012 [pdf]
2011 [pdf]
2010 [pdf]
2009 [pdf]