How to Join-The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

How to Join

Benefits of Joining the Prospect List

While Osher at Carnegie Mellon currently has a wait time from one to two years for membership, prospects can participate in several activities to become acquainted with the program. Prospects are always invited to Osher’s evening lecture series, to multi-day trips, to CMU events, and to some of our luncheons.

Prospects are also eligible to enroll, with the $65 registration fee, in those Osher classes that still have seats available (open courses) after the main membership enrollment period has passed. Once registration opens for a given term, prospects will receive an email with a list of open courses.

How to Join the Prospect List

Please send email to: Include your name, address, and phone number. It will take from one to two years once your name is added to the prospect list for you to be invited to become a member.

Fast Track Program

Once you are on our prospect list, you may fast track to membership by volunteering for the Osher organization. Call the office for details at 412-268-7489.

Study Leaders

All of Osher's courses are taught by qualified volunteer study leaders. Study leaders, and their spouses or significant others, are offered membership after teaching a full-length, 5 to 6 week course.  See the Propose Course page or call the office for details at 412-268-7489.


Osher at Carnegie Mellon seeks to provide a variety of challenging learning opportunities for over 2000 adult area residents from diverse backgrounds. Members are offered an array of courses and activities to stimulate their learning and curiosity.

Three terms of classes are offered per year: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall. Instructors from our universities and colleges, the local business community, musicians, and artisans as well as Osher Members with knowledge and talent to share present many stimulating classes. You must be a member to register for classes prior to the "Open Course Date". You must be registered to attend any and all classes.

Several day trips, multi-day trips, and luncheons are planned each year, each with an educational or cultural theme. Evening lectures are held once a month on campus in the University Center from January through May, and from September through December. As a member, you will receive curriculum catalogs, invitations to social events and lectures, and the periodically issued It’s All Talk newsletter from the Osher office.

The annual membership dues are $60/year. Members are sent a yearly invoice in October for payment of dues. In order to maintain your membership, the $60 dues must be remitted by the invoice date. However, to receive the Winter/Spring catalog in the mail, your dues must be remitted by November 1 of each year. If your membership renewal is not received by December 31, your membership will lapse.