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accel diagnostics

A medical technology company developing pScreenTM, a disposable protein test for the diagnosis, monitoring and management of a wide variety of medical conditions, including heart failure, cancer, osteoperosis, critical pregnancy, and infectious diseases. (Founded 2009)


Team Members:

Alberto Gandini | Tepper MBA 2009
Pranav Bhupathi | Tepper MBA 2009
Balika Sonthalia | Tepper MBA 2009




A web application that provides gym managers essential information that enables Fitness Centers to manage their clubs and gym, as well as creative tools to manage their trainers and clients. We introduce a new system to digitally interact with fitness programs and exercises thus enabling new service offerings without the need for huge investments in integrated equipment. (Founded 2011)

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Team Members:

Ashton Thomas, Founder and President | H&SS Information Systems 2011

Joel Geiger, VP of Engineering

ActivAided Orthotics

ActivAided Orthotics 

Rehabilitative apparel for recovery that won't slow you down. ActivAided Orthotics is dedicated to supporting active lifestyles and keeping people of all ages strong, healthy, and pain free. Our products are based on a unique treatment philosophy that remedies pain by encouraging self-correcting habits. (Founded 2011)

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Team Members:

Kelly Collier, CEO | CIT 2011

Gary Chimes, Ph.D., M.D. , Chief Clinical Advisor
Josh Weiner ,

Brett Prince, VP of Sales and Marketing

Mandy Black, Customer Experience Specialist

alert call


Enabling student safety. Manufactures student safety products to connect campus students to university police/safety department when and wherever they need help.

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Team Members

Srinath Vaddepally, Founder and CEO | E&TIM’13 and ECE’14

Guangyao Miao, Technology consultant | Music’13 and ECE’14



A series of transformational software products that enable access to any application or file on a remote computer, network storage, or cloud service from a mobile device. (Founded 2009)

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Team Members:

Anurekh Saxena, Founder 

Tejavi: Co-founder
Chukwuezugo Nwosu: Co-founder | Tepper MBA 2010



An online school planner for school communities. Our goal is to simplify school life by providing tools such as an innovative visual timeline of work and assessment scheduling analytics to connect and enhance the teaching and learning experiences.

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Team Members:

Daniel Gorziglia: Founder | CIT Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016

Aurochs Brewing Company

Aurochs Brewing Company

A contract gluten-free beer company that provides comparable tasting products to mainstream craft beers. Our recipes are new and innovative and our brews are crisp, delicious and smooth. We take no risks and begin with ingredients that contain absolutely no wheat, barley, or rye to guarantee our beers are all naturally gluten-free. (Founded 2012)

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Team Members:

Ryan Bove, Co-Founder | Tepper MBA 2012

Doug Foster, Co-founder

Ryan Husted, Tepper MBA 2013

Dave Lishego, Tepper MBA 2012

Jonathan Matusky, Tepper MBA 2012
Dave Rasmussen

rist call

Avyayah Technologies Rist Call

Patient Care Platform for connecting patients and nurses. Our goal is to provide interactive patient care products for capturing the “Quality of Care” in Health care.

Web | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Google+

Team Members:

Srinath Vaddepally, Founder and CEO | E&TIM’12 and ECE’13

Shobhit Kukreti,Technology Consultant | ECE’14

Spurthi Gundoji,  Technology Consultant | ECE’14

Sreeram Kurrup, Product Management Consultant |E&TIM’12



A platform for people to anonymously share their content and ideas for review. (Founded 2012)

Web | Twitter

Team Members:
Amanda Greenberg: Co-Founder and CEO
Noah Bornstein: Co-Founder and CTO| MHCI 2013
beat bots


BeatBots LLC develops robotic characters that defy entrenched notions of robots as impersonal mechanical tools. The company’s core design philosophy centers around cuteness, personality, simplicity, and rhythmic interaction. BeatBots’ products span the domains of research, therapy, and entertainment.

(Founded 2008)

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Team Members:

Dr. Marek Michalowski, Robotics Institute 2010 | Carnegie Mellon

Dr. Hideki Kozima Professor at Miyagi University in Sendai, Japan

Black Locus


BlackLocus offers a powerful eCommerce Competitive Pricing Analysis SaaS solution to online retailers ranging from small businesses to the top 100. Through proprietary machine-learning algorithms, we’re able to find all online competitors for every product in your online catalog. We match with up to 98% accuracy through our highly sophisticated technology, matching competitive products based on a multitude of attributes.

(Founded 2009 | Acquired by Home Depot, Fall 2012)

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Team Members:

Rodrigo Carvalho, Founder & CEO | Tepper 2011

Lukas Bouvrie, Founder & Head of Customer Experience | Tepper 2011

Francisco Uribe, Founder | SCS 2011



A 'software as a service' that enables jobseekers to rapidly generate resumes tailored towards specific job descriptions from a one-time-entry of work history. Based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our mission is to make applying to jobs easier, more effective, and, believe it or not, even fun.

(Founded 2010 | Acquired by Professional Diversity Network, Summer 2012)

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Team Members:

Ayan Kishore, CEO | MS, SCS  2010
Mona Abdel-Halim, Director of Sales | MS, Heinz & Tepper dual degree 2010

Paul Sutcliffe, Director of Engineering


A web-based tennis video analysis tool that features automatic statistics gathering and comprehensive match analysis. (Founded 2012)

Web | Facebook

Team Members:

Aneesh Devi,  Founder and CEO | Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011


College Zen

Our job is making the college application process as painless as possible.
We're bringing the entire process online and eliminating the struggle of juggling visits, deadlines, and reading through tons of books to find your perfect school. Personalized coaching by current students and former admissions officers  to perspective students on insights into the admissions process and tips on how to improve their chances of acceptance into the college of their choice.

(Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Facebook

Team Members:

Neil Soni, Co-founder and CEO | CIT 2013
Jonathan Bender, Co-founder and CTO | H&SS 2013
Wahab Owolabi, Co-founder and COO



Our solutions target and solve the #1 cause of avoidable resident turn over — poor maintenance — through a suite of tools that create a virtuous cycle of improved management services, driven by positive community feedback, which in turn generates even better services. A web-based management tool and social networking platform to stream live landlord and tenant communication, homestead management for tenants, and tenant management and marketing for landlords. (Founded 2009)

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Team Members:

Kariithi Kilemi, CEO | Tepper MBA  2011
Stuart Sheppard, COO
Chester Jack, CTO

digital dream labs

Digital Dream Labs

Offers an interactive tabletop experience that combines puzzle blocks with a virtual environment to teach children abstract computer science principles, such as objects, properties (size, action), arrays (colors), variables, copy & paste. (Founded 2012)


Team Members: 

Matt Stewart, Founder| M.A., Entertainment Technology 2012
Justin Sabo, Founder | M.A., Entertainment Technology 2012
Peter Kinney, Founder| CS 2011, M.A, Entertainment Technology 2013



Dynamics produces and manufactures intelligent powered cards such as advanced payment cards. Focused on introducing fast-cycle innovation to top card issuers, the company's first commercial application is the world's first fully card-programmable magnetic stripe for use in next-generation payment cards. Dynamics has closed a $5.7M Series A round led by Adams Capital Management and a $35M Series B round led by Bain Capital Ventures. Dynamics is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. (Founded 2007)

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Team Members:

Jeffrey D Mullen, Founder and CEO | Tepper MBA 2009



EEme LLC, a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off,converts big data into actionable insight to mine for residential energy efficiency(EE) sweet spots. Our platform solution empowers EE stakeholders, i.e., electric utilities, home improvement providers, electric grid operators, efficiency consulting firms and residential users. (Founded 2013)

EEme is backed by Carnegie Mellon University's Technology Transfer Center and Innovation Works

Web |

Tem Members:

Enes Hosgor:  Founder & CEO | CIT | Ph.D  2013



Bringing crypto-currencies to the masses


Team Members:

Fares Nimri: Tepper MBA | 2014



We make educational cartoons for mobile devices and tablets. Our stories and games are designed to teach children fundamental concepts such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). But your kids and you will have so much fun playing our games that they won't know they're learning until it's too late. (Founded 2012)

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Team Members:

Charles Kim, CEO | Tepper MBA | 2011

Antoni Abella Vendrell, Marketing Strategist | Tepper MBA 2011

Guerilla Mobile

Guerrilla Mobile

Provides cloud centric and customer-oriented phone applications and business-oriented web components infrastructure that allows businesses to shape and manage the implicit social network their customer base represents. Our technology automates and drives word-of-mouth marketing, makes customers more loyal, actively encourages them to recruit their friends, intercepts negative reviews before they got posted to the internet, and passes back all of the marketing data to the business owner. (Founded 2011)

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Team Members:

Davin Lafon, CEO, CTO and Founder | CFA

Ideal Lab


A student-led coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring program that assists entrepreneurs who wish to start companies and social enterprises that advance innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability in solving some of the world's most critical public interest problems. (Founded 2010)

Web | Twitter

Team Members:

Melissa Osbourne, Founder| M.A Heinz 2011

Nesha Bagda, Founder| Tepper MBA 2011



Improving global nutrition through food innovation

Innovesca is a food technology company that produces high quality, all-natural ingredients with optimized nutrition from underutilized plants in developing regions.  Founded with a dedication to improving human life through food innovation, our products are based on the simple idea that “every bite counts”.

Web | Twitter

Team Members:

Mary Beth Wilson, Co-founder | Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering 2013

Chris Hayek, Director of Business Development


Personalized travel planning website that makes it easier and faster to plan a trip that caters to the traveler's specific needs and interest. (Founded 2011)


Team Members:

Getta Ahroff | M.A | SCS 2010

Mahvish Nagda | M.A | H&SS 2012

Jely Pals


An online blogging and pen palling platform for classrooms that seeks to increase educational outcomes for African American and African youth, empower them with digital tools and create bridges in the African diaspora.

Web | Facebook | Twitter

Team Members:

 Kelechi Anyadiegwu | Founder | HCII & MHCI
An online tool to make Wedding planning easy, fun and collaborative! We aim to solve common problems faced during wedding planning and provide a social platform for bride, groom, their families and friends to interact.

Web | Facebook | Contact us

Team Members:

Apurva Joshi, Co-founder | M.S. INI 2013

Sunil Kumar D M, Co-founder | M.S. INI 2013

Sushil Rangarajan, Co-founder M.S. INI 2013

Bingying Xia, Chief Designer | Double major in Information Systems & HCI 2013

kermdinger studios

Kermdinger Studios
Innovation in Independent Video Games.
An independent video game development studio that builds viral comedic video games which allow players to create humor, not just experience it, and then share their funny creations online via popular social networks.

Web | Facebook | Twitter 

Team Members:

Anthony Palma, CEO and Programmer| CMU Master's of Entertainment Technology ('12)
Ethan Gagorik, 3D Modeler and Animator| CMU Master's of Entertainment Technology ('12)
Russell Mester, 2D Concept and Texture Artist| CMU Master's of Entertainment Technology ('12)
Ross Treyz, Game Designer| CMU Master's of Entertainment Technology ('12)

Learn Bop


With LearnBop, students have access to a quality, one-on-one tutoring experience, freeing up teachers to do what they do best - teach. Dedicated teachers make all the difference, and with LearnBop, they can access each of their students with a customized learning experience. We created a web interface for tutors with no programming experience to create computer-adaptive tutorials specific to their students' individual learning deficiencies. (Founded 2009)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Conctact Us

Team Members:

Bharanidharan Rajakumar, Founder | Tepper MBA 2011
Arthur Tu, Founder | M.A. SCS 2010



Protect more than just the life of your phone.
Portable solutions for everyday medical problems.
Team Members: 

Alan Fu, CIT B.S. 2013; CIT M.S. 2014

Siri Ramos, CIT B.S. 2013; CIT M.S. 2014

Jayon Wang, CIT B.S. 2013; HBS MBA, 2017

lightside labs

LightSIDE Labs

Machine learning made easy. We are developing tools for automated assessment of text data using machine learning and natural language processing. Our initial development efforts place an emphasis on educational technology, especially automated essay scoring. (Founded 2012)


Team Members:

Elijah Mayfield: SCS  Language Technologies Institute | Ph.D 2015   
David Adamson: SCS, Language Technologies Institute | M.S. 2012

open curriculum

Open Curriculum
Community. Innovation. Freedom.
OpenCurriculum is an online platform to create, access and share K-12 learning material.

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Team Members:

Varun Arora, Heinz M.S., 2012 | Dietrich B.S. 2012
Zeinab Mohamed, CIT B.S. 2013

people prop

People Prop
Providing Spinal Comfort and Support

Team Members: 
Courtney Williamson: Tepper PhD, 2015



Personal Health Recording for Quality of Life (PHRQL, pronounced freckle), a Pittsburgh-based software development firm, has created an enterprise level electronic health record (EHR) system for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) that enables registered dieticians in retail grocery settings or independent practices to help customers develop healthy eating plans for general health and wellness, or to manage diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions. (Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Contact Us

Team Members:

Paul Sandberg, CEO | Tepper MBA 2011
Kumaril Bhattacharya, CTO

piece maker

Build your world, Piece by Piece
Current 3D printing technology has not fully realized the value and possibilities inherent in affordable home fabrication. PieceMaker, a 3D Printer designed for personal use within the mass market of the general public will create a world where every individual has the power to create. 

Web | Facebook

Team Members:

Arden Rosenblatt, CEO/Co-Founder | CIT dual-MS E&TIM/MEng 2014
Alejandro Sklar, CTO/Co-Founder | CIT, dual-MS E&TIM/ECE 2014
Shantanu Chakraborty, Application Developer| CIT, MS ESTP 2012

pillow castle

Pillow Castle

Pillow Castle is a video game development studio composed of artists, technologists and storytellers coming together to create unbelievable experiences without the need for machine guns or rocket launchers. Their goal is to create safe spaces for daydreamers to explore and imagine — a Pillow Castle, if you will.

(Founded 2013)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Contact Us

Team Members:

Albert Shih | Entertainment Technology Center 2014
Allen Tingley | Entertainment Technology Center 2014
Zhengyi Wang | Entertainment Technology Center 2014
Yuxi Zhang | Entertainment Technology Center 2014

Xiao Li | Entertainment Technology Center 2014



Computer-aided learning games that improve educational access for millions of children internationally by using a $10 computer as a platform for open-source games as well as teach STEM skills. (Founded 2010)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Contact Us

Team Members:

Derek Lomas, Co-Founder and Director | Ph.D Computer Science 2015

Daniel Rehn, Co-Founder
Jeremy Douglass, Co-Founder

premiere distributors

Premier Distributors
Online retailer of imported consumer goods.

Team Members:

Ro Reynolds: Dietrich BA, 2017   

project aura

Project Aura

A Bicycle Safety Lighting System.
We created a system that requires very little rider input and maintenance, while increasing the visual footprint of bikers from all directions especially from the side. We accomplished this by expanding the surface area of light emitted through the use of RGB LEDs inside the rims of the wheels that change from red when slowing down to white when at cruising speed. (Founded 2012)


Team Members:

Ethan Frier Co-Founder | Industrial Design 2013

Jonathan Ota Co-Founder | Industrial Design 2013


Leverages existing hospital IT infrastructure to monitor and improve clinical practices through information delivery. We combine an expertise in machine learning and large-scale computation to provide patient safety insights. We deliver information and reminders to make safe patient care easier for healthcare professionals while improving the care experience for patients. (Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Contact Us

Team Members:

James Wolfe, CEO | Tepper MBA 2012

Craig Teegarden, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering | Ph.D candidate 2014
Scott Fisk, VP of Technology

Daniel Bishop  Ph.D candidate 2013



We are a healthcare company dedicated to diagnosing coronary heart disease (CHD) at the earliest stage through a proprietary imaging service. We provide high quality quantitative analysis of cardiac structure, function and perfusion from contrast enhanced cardiac imaging, identifying early signs of heart disease long before the patient experiences a myocardial infarction (MI) or heart attack. (Founded 2011)

Web | Contact Us

Team Members:

Prahlad Menon,  Founder and CEO | Ph.D candidate CIT 2013

Mark Doyle, Co-inventor of core IP,  product development and clinical trials

Robert W. Biederman, Primary clinical collaborator



A low-cost pediatric vision scanner that diagnoses amblyopia and strabismus, the leading causes of vision loss in children at the earliest stages when preventative measures can be taken. The Pediatric Vision Scanner (PVS) is a device that in a quick 2.5-second scan of the eyes can automatically detect strabismus, amblyopia, and other serious eye conditions in children as young as 2 years of age.

(Founded 2009)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Contact Us

Team Members:

David G. Hunter, MD, PhD  Founder, board member, and scientific advisor
Justin G. Shaka  Co-founder | Tepper MBA 2011



A non-invasive medical device/technology for diagnosing early pressure ulcers. Rubitect will help healthcare institutions manage pressure ulcers (PUs) more effectively by improving the accuracy of early pressure ulcer diagnosis. The Rubitect addresses the clinical problems associated with the subjective manual blanch test, the clinical standard by providing a reliable and quantitative method for diagnosing PUs. (Founded 2011)


Team Members:

Dr. Sanna Gaspard, CEO | Ph.D CIT

Ray Lang, CFO

schedule plus


A scheduling tool for college students to plan their course schedules and find out what courses their friends are taking.  Schedule+ is useful for students to know which of their friends are free during a certain time to help organize events.


Team Members:
Adam Weis, SCS and IS | May 2013
Jason MacDonald, SCS and TPR| May 2013
Vincent Siao, SCS and HCI | May 2013

Steven Fackler, SCS and MCS | May 2013



An intelligent, web-powered problem-solving assistant

Solvvy immediately gives you the best solutions on the Web when you simply
describe your problem in plain English, saving you a ton of valuable time
that you would have spent refining keyword searches and combing through
hundreds of discussion forum posts.


Team Members:

Mehdi Samadi, Co-Founder | Computer Science 2014

Justin Betteridge, Co-Founder | Language Technology Institute 2014

schema fusion SchemaFusion
One-stop information hub with integrated and visualized data for high efficiency building management.
SchemaFusion is a software solution that uses Machine Learning and Cloud Computing technology to integrate, organize and distribute complex building information to facilities operators and building owners, who can search, visualize and analyze building information using multi-platform devices. By enabling proactive planning and execution of the O&M tasks, SchemaFusion not only directly reduces the maintenance cost, but also minimizes the down-time and yields a safer, more comfortable building environment. (Founded 2013)

Team Members: 
Te Gao | CEE Ph.D candidate, 2013
Jianan Jiang | CEE & EPP M.S., 2013
Chen Feng | CEE & EPP M.S., 2014
Chang Liu | CEE Ph.D candidate, 2014
Xiaofei Wang | Public Relationship and Training Specialist



Content-based patient search engine for radiologists.

SemanticMD provides a content-based patient search engine to aid radiologists in annotating patient images and determining groups of similar patients based on a unified view of patient data. SemanticMD also addresses the fragmented radiology IT structure by integrating the three major medical imaging data sources: radiological annotations, patient images, and patient health records. (Founded 2013)

Team Members:

Santosh Bhavani, Co-Founder: CMU, PhD Computational Biology, 2015
Satish Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder: Tepper MBA, 2015

Sit With

Great conversation, no pressure.
SitWith is a social dining platform. We connect four previously unrelated people over a meal for great conversation. SitWith is taking social networking back from online platforms and putting it in the real world– real conversations over a relaxed meal.

Web | Facebook | Twitter

Team Members: 
William Lutz | Tepper School of Business | MBA Candidate, 2015
Patrick Morse | University of California: Riverside | PhD candidate in Social/Personality Psychology, 2016
Tianyu Yang | Heinz College | Master of Information System Management Candidate, 2015

sole power

Sole Power

Sole Power is an innovative technology company striving to power small mobile electronic devices through the use of everyday movement of a person.

(Founded 2012)

Web | Twitter | Contact Us

Team Members:

Matthew Stanton | Mechanical Engineer 2012
Hahna Alexander | Mechanical Engineer 2012
Arianna Golden | Mechanical/Biomedical Engineer 2012
Sarah Stroup | Mechanical Engineer 2012



Electricity meters for the world’s poor.
SparkMeter is a hardware system with a SaaS backend that enables remote monitoring, billing and control for electric grid operators serving low-income households.  Unlike existing metering solutions, these functions help operators charge for how much energy is actually being used by their customers. By improving cost recovery, these electric grids become more reliable – a better outcome for customers whose only alternatives are expensive, inefficient and dangerous fuels like kerosene and candles. 

Team Members:

Daniel Schnitzer, | EPP PhD, 2014
Anthony Rowe, | Asst. Research Professor, ECE

Sponsor Change

We provide non-profits a solution to increase their impact. Non-profits can easilyrecruit skilled college graduates to complete service projects and raise funds from sponsors to reward their work with student loan payments, helping both non-profits and college graduates reach their full potential. (Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Conctact Us

Team Members:

Raymar Hampshire, CEO & Co-Founder | M.A Heinz 2012

Robert Hampshire, Co-Founder

The Brew Gentlemen

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co.

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co. is a craft brewery located in the historic steel town of Braddock, PA. Our goal is to create exceptional craft beer for Pittsburgh and beyond by merging tradition and exploration - a curious take on classic style. (Founded 2012)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Contact Us

Team Members:

Matt Katase, Co-Founder and CEO | MCS  2012
Asa Foster, Co-Founder and CCO | CFA  2012
Alonzo Benavides, CTO | SCS, MCS 2012



Thinkerous provides the means for collaboration between individuals from different backgrounds to produce new and interesting ideas. Ideas need outside help to develop and we’re there to connect the necessary people to get it done. (Founded 2012)
Web | Facebook | Twitter

Team Members:

Aaron Zhang | ECE 2013
Cheeyoon Lee | SCIArc, Architecture 2014
Christopher Leaf | ECE 2014
Nimi Wariboko | ECE 2014



Gives Doctors the tools they need to regain control of their online reputation, and Patients a platform to organize, follow, and manage their physician information. (Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Contact Us

Team Members:

Rick Cancelliere, CEO & Founder | University of Pittsburgh 2006
Matthew Stadler, Ph.D. COO & Co-Founder | CIT 2012
Alvin Koh, CTO & Co-Founder
Alex Liu, Lead Developer & Co-Founder | CIT 2012
Edwin Feng, Software Developer



Tunessence is an online platform where music teachers and hobbyists can create lessons for aspiring musicians. We require minimal technical expertise from content creators—simply make a video and the sheet music to go along with your exercise and we’ll do the rest. We create an engaging and effective learning experience for students by using their computers built-in microphone to assess their performance in real-time, sync music and video, and suggest lessons to take in the future. (Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Contact us

Team Members:

Alexander Soto: Founder | ECE 2011
Matt Bauch: Founder | ECE 2012

the Undergrad App


An easy online application system that allows students to discover and apply to top university programs all over the globe. (Founded 2011)

Web | Contact us

Team Members: 

Sagar Mehta | Tepper 2009

Amar Kothari | HCI Researcher

Anirudh Goel | MBA Mumbai University



A location-based chatroom service delivered through mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It allows people at a particular location to share moments with each other in real-time. (Founded 2012)

Team Members:
Prashanth Balasubramaniam, Founder  B.S. SCS 2014
Jeff Grimes – CS and Marketing, UPenn 2015
Frank Zhou – SCS CMU 2013



# marks the spot. A local search tool crowdsourcing tags to increase the visibility and relevance of neighborhood business and culture. (Founded 2013)

Web | Twitter

Team Members:

Mitch Turck, Co-Founder

Carlos Gil, Co-Founder | ECE 2014

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