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A web application that provides gym managers essential information that enables Fitness Centers to manage their clubs and gym, as well as creative tools to manage their trainers and clients. We introduce a new system to digitally interact with fitness programs and exercises thus enabling new service offerings without the need for huge investments in integrated equipment. (Founded 2011)

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Team Members:

Ashton Thomas, Founder and President | H&SS Information Systems 2011

Joel Geiger, VP of Engineering



Technology that makes it possible for business software projects to be assessed and tracked even as work is being performed, as opposed to relying on manually created weekly or monthly status reports and documents.

AsssignLink AssignLink

An online school planner for school communities. Our goal is to simplify school life by providing tools such as an innovative visual timeline of work and assessment scheduling analytics to connect and enhance the teaching and learning experiences.

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Team Members:

Daniel Gorziglia: Founder | CIT Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016

Simplifies car buying for consumers and enables dealerships to reach tech-savvy consumers. AutoRef’s mission is to bridge the gap between car dealerships and customers. We believe the entire process of shopping for a car should be easy, fast and enjoyable. We built this service because we think there is a better way.

(Founded 2012)

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Team Members:

Todd Medema: COO | Business and SCS  2014
Craig Younkins: CTO | CS 2013
Michael Pena:  CEO
Dillon Grove:  IS | HCI | 2014
Julie Eckstrom: IS | HCI 2014
Michael Bailey:  Business and Film 2012 | University of Pittsburgh

Ilteris Canberk: CS 2015

beacon sys
   faculty project


Leverages off-the-shelf smartphone and global positioning systems to provide support for a rich set of location aware, and context aware mobile applications, including first-responder support, building navigation, retail shopping, smart transportation and more. BeaconSys has developed a cellphone-based solution involving an Internet- and Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to assist the visually impaired with grocery shopping at any store and with cooking at home.

Team Members:

Priya Narasimhan|CEO|Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Rajeev Gandhi |CTO| Systems Scientist, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Dan Rossi| Vice-President of Marketing|System Adminstrator | Carnegie Mellon Unicersity



Blog ranker, aggregator, and search engine that adapts to user preferences by matching search to the content topic and to the tone and source of content.



A micro-collaboration system that enables internet users to find and connect instantly with an expert through voice and live-video conferencing, making Bright the "eBay for advice."

campaignize Software solutions for political candidates and organizations.
capital round

Capital Round

Network. Mentor. Fund. A platform to engage alumni, and facilitate unprecedented involvement with their alma mater. Alumni can become mentors and investors in companies on the platform, i.e. provide financial and intellectual capital to entrepreneurs. (Founded 2012)

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Team Members:

Sergey Astretsov, Tepper MBA 2013

Matt Moench, Tepper MBA 2013

Luis Gonzalez, MHCI 2013

faculty project


A personalized, intelligent software agent that selects and facilitates optimal meeting scheduling and booking services with other users' agents.



Connecting crowds to crowdsourcing by pairing micro-tasks requesting crowdsourcing with appropriate target websites with large user bases.



Feeds on your Food Waste
Digest-O-Mat recovers nutrient and energy from organic waste using the power of natural systems. They provide local businesses low-cost organic recycling stations where they transform their food waste into a rich fertilizer and natural gas.


Team Members: 

Jacob Douenias, Co-Founder|College of Fine Arts, Architecture, 2013
Rohan Rathod, Co-Founder | College of Fine Arts, Architecture, 2014


A private virtual library for storing and organizing articles, cases and medical images for physicians and physicians in training.

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DSO Global

DSO Global (Development Solutions Opportunities)

A program where students can partner with an international consulting firm to gain practical experience and potential career opportunities in global NGOs, corporations and organizations dedicated to improving the quality of human life.

Eschelon Equity

Echelon Equity

An investment fund that seeks, acquires and actively manages a growing small business in the IT, Business process outsourcing or light manufacturing sectors for an owner seeking liquidity.



Bringing crypto-currencies to the masses


Team Members:

Fares Nimri: Tepper MBA | 2014

Find Notice


Software product that provides a more cost-efficient and interactive system that revolutionizes the posting of federal and state-required public notices.

(Founded 2010)


Team Members:

Brad Barbin, Founder | Tepper 2012

Bin Zhang,  Heinz | Ph.D candidate 2013

Jon Stado, Tepper | 2012

Hao Su, Computer Science M.A  2010

Flash Group

faculty project

Founded by two computer science professors turned entrepreneurs, is an online tool that connects people and content around a particular topic or theme. Based on machine learning algorithms, Flashgroup has attracted seed funding from NEA, Innovation Works, and BlueTree Allied Angels, plus grants from the DoD and an Office of Naval Research SBIR award.

Seth Goldstein, PhD, Computer Science
Carlos Guestrin, PhD, Computer Science




An information hub for networks of restaurants, customers and restaurant delivery services that provide reservation, ordering and transaction clearinghouse services for all food delivery orders in designated target markets.



We make educational cartoons for mobile devices and tablets. Our stories and games are designed to teach children fundamental concepts such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). But your kids and you will have so much fun playing our games that they won't know they're learning until it's too late. (Founded 2012)

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Team Members:

Charles Kim, CEO | Tepper MBA | 2011

Antoni Abella Vendrell, Marketing Strategist | Tepper MBA 2011



Is the next generation global B2B platform dedicated to serve the needs of small to medium-sized businesses involved in global commerce. (Founded 2011)

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Team Members:

Rami Saad: Tepper MBA 2012
Hiroshi Higuchi: Tepper MBA 2012
Christopher Jo: CSE MBA 2011
Jason Chen: Penn State 2010

  faculty project
Smart Mobility. We are different than current car sharing services because it is not simply a fleet of rental cars.  It is a set of tools which work in concert and allow municipalities and their citizens to build a smart transportation network that works for them.  Go-Op creates a person-to-person vehicle lending network that allows car owners to convert their idle vehicles into revenue generating assets by renting them to friends, and friends of friends, in their social networks.  When fully implemented, the Go-Op toolset will remove the restriction of round trip travel, allowing member to create flexible chains of one-way trips to accommodate their unique travel plans.

Team Members:

Robert Hampshire| Co-Founder| Assistant Professor of Operations Research & Public Policy, Heinz College and Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon
Craig Gaites| Co-Founder| MBA / MSPPM Dual Degree, Tepper School of Business & Heinz College

Guerilla Mobile

Guerrilla Mobile

Provides cloud centric and customer-oriented phone applications and business-oriented web components infrastructure that allows businesses to shape and manage the implicit social network their customer base represents. Our technology automates and drives word-of-mouth marketing, makes customers more loyal, actively encourages them to recruit their friends, intercepts negative reviews before they got posted to the internet, and passes back all of the marketing data to the business owner. (Founded 2011)

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Team Members:

Davin Lafon, CEO, CTO and Founder | CFA

head coach


An easy to use, non-intrusive tool to help physical therapists understand how patients are performing home exercises.

A social networking site for the deaf and hearing impaired that allows participants to communicate and share resources through chat, blogs, and discussion boards.

idea spring
  faculty project

Idea Sprig 

A social network focused on finding better solutions to sustainability problems through action oriented dialog. Better, means shaping a healthier, happier world that offers the same opportunities to future generations. The network focuses on helping users frame problems and suggest answers in the form of actionable steps.

Institution Connect

Institution Connect

A college communication network using mobile phones to provide quick and efficient flow of information among faculty and students.

Jely Pals


An online blogging and pen palling platform for classrooms that seeks to increase educational outcomes for African American and African youth, empower them with digital tools and create bridges in the African diaspora.

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Team Members:

 Kelechi Anyadiegwu | Founder | HCII & MHCI

Know Your Style Project Olympus


KnowYourStyle, Now you Can Dress Better. A men’s fashion platform that suggests complete outfits based on the clothes they want to wear. It inspires men to dress better, and facilitates the saving and purchasing of clothes.

Team Members:

Daniel Dallala, Tepper | MBA 2014

Steven Musche, Tepper | MBA 2014



A local online marketplace powered by a crowd-sourced delivery system wherein the community members themselves provide delivery services for other community members

large scale image understanding
  faculty project
Large Scale Image Understanding
Developing a set of tools to automatically categorize large-scale images based on multimodal information including visual features and online tags and community networks if they are available. We build computationally scalable models and develop algorithms to perform efficient inference, such as understanding the image contents and cleaning/completing the online tags.

Team Members:

Eric Xing PhD| Project leader| Associate Professor, Machine Learning Department & Language Technology Institute & Computer Science Department, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon
Jun Zhu, PhD| post-doctoral researcher
LeSyn Labs LeSyn Labs

LeSyn Labs will be the first company to offer a technology (the XO laptop), an extensive application repository, training, and a support platform, focused entirely on education.Our vision is to bring technology to 21st century education in Pittsburgh by creating an ecosystem value-added infrastructure to the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO laptops. (Founded 2012)

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Team Members:

Reginald Cox, Chief Administrative Officer | MPM Heinz College 2013
Elizabeth Cullinan, CFO | MPM Heinz College 2013 
Ketaki Desai, COO | MPM Heinz College 2013
Timothy Kelly, CIO | MPM Heinz College 2015



We manage how much you pay for electricity. You save.

We help residential electricity consumers save money, save time, and save the planet, by managing how much they pay for electricity.

Team Members:

Prashant Reddy, Founder | SCS PhD, 2013

 faculty project


Service that produces high-quality, 3D images and meshes of microstructures for metal, ceramic and composite microstructures that are ready for analysis and testing.Using the models reduces the time to production exponentially.



A project management training simulator that offers a cost-effective alternative to current training programs employed by leading corporations. The Game Based Learning (GBL) simulator teaches how to successfully plan and manage projects so they are delivered on time and under budget.



Organizes medical information from a variety of forms and sources to provide medical professionals with a highly usable reference library and diagnostic tools to help with the evaluation and treatment of patients.



An innovative social-networking schema that circumvents the creation of stereotypes by displaying anonymous posts for others to ‘like'.  With each post ‘liked', the user gains a piece of the author's profile, eventually getting his/her full picture, user name and contact information

mobile conference guide

MobileConference Guide

A suite of mobile applications that help festival and conference attendees plan their attendance, receive up-to-date information about event activities, share their experiences through photos and messages and coordinate plans with friends and other attendees.

My Campus

My Campus

Web and mobile applications that provide a centralized location for campus event postings so that student organizations can effortlessly announce and students can easily search through campus events.



OnlyinPgh is a social enterprise that is building new ways for making it easier to connect to, participate in and interact with local communities online. Through our web and mobile application called Scenable, we connect people to the businesses, places, events, news and other people that make up local communities (“Scenes”) while also providing a platform for local commerce to happen online.

(Founded 2010)

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Team Members:

Brett Wiewiora, CEO | M.A. Heinz 2012
Greg Nicholas, Lead Platform Architect
Lara Schenck,  Lead UI/UX Designer and Developer

optimization firm
  faculty project

Optimization Firm
With offices in Champaign, IL and Pittsburgh, PA, The Optimization Firm, LLC develops innovative software for decision making. In partnership with the GAMS Corporation (Washington, D.C.) and Paragon Decision Technologies (Netherlands), the company provides commercial versions of the BARON software that was originally developed in Professor Sahinidis’ academic research laboratory.

Team Members:

Nicholas Sahinidis| John E. Swearingen Professor of Chemical Engineering| Carnegie Institute of Technology

peopple's labs

People's labs

A social venture dedicated to improving socio-economic conditions, such as unemployment, by offering research, education, and consulting services.

Portal Man


A ‘Blackboard' for managing a university's school campus events.

faculty project


An algorithms that can dynamically adjust server capacity depending on incoming demand, thereby increasing server utilization, and decreasing the amount of power that is being wasted by idle machines, all without compromising on performance.  POW’s novel approach merges advanced queueing, optimization, and stochastic processes’ theories to produce new, non-conventional analytical models.  Results from POW’s work have demonstrated up to a 30% decrease in response time (for the same amount of power) or up to a 30% power savings (with negligible impact on job response time).

Team Members:

Mor Harchol-Balter| Associate Professor, Computer Science Department | Carnegie Mellon University
Anshul Gandhi|Ph.D. student, Computer Science Department| Carnegie Mellon University
Varun Gupta |Ph.D. student, Computer Science Department| Carnegie Mellon University
Timo Mechler| 2010 MBA Graduate | Tepper School of Business| Carnegie Mellon University

premiere distributors

Premier Distributors
Online retailer of imported consumer goods.

Team Members:

Ro Reynolds: Dietrich BA, 2017

project productivity advisor
  faculty project
Project Productivity Advisor (PPA)
Project Productivity Advisor is engaged in prototype development of an Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) system element as a project management toolbox.  The PPA project is conceptualized as a system used by a professional engineer serving as a project or program manager, both at the office and in the field, requiring a ruggedized laptop with mobile-broadband connectivity, robust graphics and computational processing capabilities to query, remotely collect, analyze, calculate, and store data, and providing visually effective user-defined productivity monitoring information in a secure and timely manner.

Team Mmebers:
Burcu Akinci, PhD |Co-Inventor| Civil & Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon
Anu Pradhan, PhD |Co-Inventor| Drexel University, Civil Engineering
Wm. Westberg, Wilson Held LLC, Technology Commercialization Consultant


A platform to maximize your mobile revenue by creating a mobile-friendly site for your online store. Prooty provides tools and resources to effectively target consumers on mobile devices. (Founded 2012)

Team Members:

Seong Bae, Product Development Lead | M.S. H&SS 2012



A web-based application which predicts how much consumers will enjoy a bottle of wine prior to purchase based on an individualized taste profile that will allow consumers to make more informed decisions on the value of their purchase. (Founded 2010)

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Team Members:

Darren Olson, Co-founder, CEO |  Tepper MBA 2011
Kevin McEachern, Co-Founder | Tepper MBA 2011

recursive services

Recursive Services

Provides a portfolio of student services to universities such as tools for scheduling laundry and finding study groups. Also provides contract services to start-up companies to help create their online presence and underlying technology.

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Team Members:

Todd Medema, Executive
Craig Yunkins, Technical Officer
Scott Martin, Lead Developer
Ryhan Hassan, Front End Developer
Quintin Carlson, Content Officer

Roommate Fit


Find a roommmate you like! Use our personality-based roommate matching test to make a friend in a new city, or just to avoid creepy strangers on Craigslist. RoommateFit has been used by over 7000 people, and growing every day. We also integrate with Facebook to make it as easy as possible to find your ideal roommate. (Founded 2011)

Web | Twitter | Facebook

Team Members:

Justin Mares, Founder
Donald Huh, Web Developer & Mobile Designer | SCS 2012

schedule plus Schedule+

A scheduling tool for college students to plan their course schedules and find out what courses their friends are taking.  Schedule+ is useful for students to know which of their friends are free during a certain time to help organize events.


Team Members:
Adam Weis, SCS and IS | May 2013
Jason MacDonald, SCS and TPR| May 2013
Vincent Siao, SCS and HCI | May 2013

Steven Fackler, SCS and MCS | May 2013

schema fusion SchemaFusion
One-stop information hub with integrated and visualized data for high efficiency building management.
SchemaFusion is a software solution that uses Machine Learning and Cloud Computing technology to integrate, organize and distribute complex building information to facilities operators and building owners, who can search, visualize and analyze building information using multi-platform devices. By enabling proactive planning and execution of the O&M tasks, SchemaFusion not only directly reduces the maintenance cost, but also minimizes the down-time and yields a safer, more comfortable building environment. (Founded 2013)

Team Members: 
Te Gao | CEE Ph.D candidate, 2013
Jianan Jiang | CEE & EPP M.S., 2013
Chen Feng | CEE & EPP M.S., 2014
Chang Liu | CEE Ph.D candidate, 2014
Xiaofei Wang | Public Relationship and Training Specialist


Online searchable database of local scholarships.



A game-based-learning platform for individualized group training and development. Significantly increases decision-making skills and magnifies content retention in the light of real-world scenarios and pressure using the power of interactive game technology.


A new style of recommendation/search engine that uses bleeding edge algorithms to help you find more things you'll love.

ship together


A Facebook application that enables users to eliminate shipping charges when making online purchases. ShipTogether combines users' orders based upon users' privacy and sharing settings.



Technology that dramatically reduces the cost of video-streaming by allowing peer-to-peer file sharing of pieces of video files between browsers of concurrent viewers. This occurs with no special software, local application or plug-in, or deterioration of the original content. (Company acquired)



RFID technology that allows retail stores to increase service quality by generating personalized clothing and accessory recommendations for individual customers.

 faculty project


A segmentation algorithm, Spectral Rounding, with broad applications in the medical image-processing domain. By efficiently computing and exploiting global functions of medical scans, such scans can be decomposed into a collection of meaningful components in nearly linear time. Unlocking the latent potential of medical imaging by providing quantitative analysis tools that satisfy the time and reliability constraints of a clinical workflow.

Team Members:

Hiroshi Ishikawa, MD | Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Bioengineering | University of Pittsburgh
Ioannis Koutis, PhD |Postdoctoral fellow, Computer Science Department |Carnegie Mellon University
Gary Miller, PhD | Professor, Computer Science Department |Carnegie Mellon University
David Tolliver, PhD|Postdoctoral fellow, Computer Science Department | Carnegie Mellon University

 faculty project


Provides high performance software solutions for performance-critical computing functions used in signal processing, wireless, and scientific computing.  SpiralGen can provide software that is highly optimized for desired target processors from mobile platforms to supercomputers.  These solutions enable application developers to take optimal advantage of current multicore platforms and to port applications faster to new, more capable platforms. 

Franz Franchetti, PhD, CTO and co-founder, Electrical and Computer Engineering
José Moura, President and co-founder, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Markus Püschel, Co-founder, now at ETH Zurich
James Hoe, Co-founder, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mike Franusich, Principal Engineer




the ‘Netflix' for ebooks.

Tailored Fit
Tailored Fit

Pandora for clothes shopping
Tailored Fit is the best way to discover clothing online and in the real world. Their clothing genome project learns your personal style and helps you find the clothing perfect for you.

Web | Twitter | Facebook

Team Members:

Nathaniel Eliason, CEO | DC Philosophy 2015
Zachary Bush, CTO | TPR MBA 2016
Matthew Baker, CIO
Leanna Verderese, CFO

TellTale Information
  faculty project

Software that enables government agencies to manage and analyze the large volume of email they receive from the public. Our software groups comments by similarity, organizes them for browsing, and highlights the unique portions of each comment. Regulatory agencies using our software are able to process public comments much more quickly, more accurately, and less expensively than using traditional techniques.

Team Members:

Jamie Callan| Professor Language Technologies Institute| Carnegie Mellon University
Nancy Steadle| Senior Research Programmer| Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon



Provides real-time personalized news feeds.

transactional DA
  faculty project
Transactional DA
Digital electronic devices are everywhere, from smart phones to car navigation systems, and they will only become even more prevalent in the future. Transactional DA focuses on the technology to automate the development of efficient and verified hardware components for such digital devices. At the heart of our technology is the transactional hardware description and synthesis framework, which can automate critical development tasks that traditionally required tedious and error prone manual effort. Our technology significantly reduces hardware development time and effort, while improving the quality of the resulting hardware implementations.
Team Members:

James C. Hoe| Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, Carnegie Mellon
Eriko Nurvitadhi, Ph.D. student| Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, Carnegie Mellon


A social network for a globetrotting generation to help link with fellow travelers and locals for insider knowledge, trans-global romance and community adventure.



A location-based chatroom service delivered through mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It allows people at a particular location to share moments with each other in real-time. (Founded 2012)

Team Members:
Prashanth Balasubramaniam, Founder  B.S. SCS 2014
Jeff Grimes – CS and Marketing, UPenn 2015
Frank Zhou – SCS CMU 2013

vteractive V-teractive

Designs and develops interactive games that will better engage audiences and drive traffic to clients' site and services. Specializes in gaming elements for online dating and library reading programs. (Founded 2009)

Web | Twitter | Facebook

Team Members:
Kenneth Hendrata - Founder and CEO | MBA 2009
Ashnfara Judy - Game Engineer
Saagar Sethi - Programmer (CMU)