Short-Term Organized International Travel (STO-IT)-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Short-Term Organized International Travel (STO-IT)

In light of increased interest by students to traveling abroad for short-term periods, OIE provides support for student groups and university planned initiatives.  OIE's Guide for Short-term Programs provides a framework for most aspects of planning a short-term program abroad including budgetary planning, logistical factors, curricular issues, and emergency preparedness.

In support of these programs, OIE staff can advise faculty, staff and student leaders, direct interested students, support administrative functions and conduct targeted pre-departure orientation sessions (required for all study abroad participants).

OIE encourages leaders of short-term organized international travel to contact our office early in the planning process.

Student groups may request financial support for their short-term organized international travel by submitting an application for the Tartans Abroad Group Trip Fund (.pdf). This cohesive Carnegie Mellon fund supports undergraduate students in pursuing short-term organized international travel by streamlining the request and application process through the Office of International Education (OIE.)  Monetary support is provided by the Dean of Student Affairs, the Vice Provost for Education, Colleges, academic departments and OIE. 
Applications are due on the following schedule: October 31st- Winter Break Trips, January 31st- Spring Break Trips, March 31st- Summer Trips. For more information about the scholarship fund contact Jaycie King at 412-268-5231.