Pre-Departure-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University


During the second half of each semester, the Office of International Education holds several Pre-Departure Orientation sessions. Students are required to attend one of these sessions the semester before the abroad experience (in the Spring for Summer, Fall and All Year programs; in the Fall for Spring programs.) These sessions address administrative procedures, health and safety preparation and cultural training.

Students who do not attend a Pre-Departure Orientation may not be registered for study abroad or receive credit for the experience.

Students must register for a session in advance.  To register:

Visit CMU’s The Bridge here:
  1. View the Pre-Departure sessions by logging in. Click “Log In” in the top right-hand corner.  You will then see all of the Pre-Departure sessions listed.
  2. Choose the session that best fits into your schedule.
  3. RSVP for the session.

Several forms are distributed at the Pre-Departure Orientation that must be completed and returned to the Office of International Education:

  • The Study Abroad Transfer Credit (SATC) Form – document classes to be taken abroad and Carnegie Mellon equivalents. Obtain signatures from the appropriate departments. This form is not available online. Students may only receive this form by attending Pre-Departure.
  • Personal Data Sheet – complete this form to provide our office with emergency contact information, demographics and an academic profile.
  • Study Abroad Information & Agreement Contract – read and sign this legal document.
  • Study Abroad Release – read and sign this legal document.
  • Pre-Study Abroad Survey – complete this short personal survey (term specific).
  • Financial Documents:
    • Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility - for all students studying abroad. Fall, Spring or All Year programs only
    • Consortium Agreement – for students going on External or Direct Enrollment programs who have federal or state funding to be used while abroad. Fall, Spring or All Year programs only.
    • Sponsored Study Abroad Financial Responsibilities Contract – for student going on Sponsored programs. Fall, Spring or All Year programs only.
  • ISIC (International Student Identification Card)- Students must submit a photocopy.