Battalion Commander's Letter-Steel City NROTCU - Carnegie Mellon University

To the families of CMUNROTC Midshipmen,

As a new semester starts I would like to congratulate new Midshipmen on making it into this prestigious program as well as to thank the parents for their support of their children.  

Carnegie Mellon University NROTC program provides a 4 year training regiment to commission Midshipmen in the Navy and Marine Corps.  This program has a mission of preparing Midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically and to instill in them the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty in order to commission high caliber unrestricted line officers.  During their time in the NROTC program Midshipmen are expected to maintain academic excellence, a high standard of fitness, and grow as a leader in a training environment.  In May 2011 fourteen Midshipmen were commissioned into the United States Navy and Marine Corps.  

On a weekly basis Midshipmen attend battalion events such as Naval Lab where they are briefed on topics ranging from Naval communities to drug and alcohol awareness.  There are two Battalion PT sessions a week in which we train to meet a high physical fitness standard.  The Drill team and Color Guard meet once a week to train for Military Excellence Competitions in which they compete once a semester.  Midshipmen are also required to take one Naval Science class a semester that is taught by one of our active military staff. These naval courses teach them about each community and basic leadership principles.  These events serve as the basic building blocks in our officer program. 

There are numerous volunteering opportunities that we as a battalion participate in on an annual basis.  Every year we attend the Veterans Association Picnic where Midshipmen get to interact with Veterans in an informal setting.  This is a great opportunity to interact with those who have served and it gives the Midshipmen a chance to come together as a class and a unit.  We also work at Heinz Field during Pitt and Steelers football games to raise money for ROTC events.  We work these games so that events like Navy Birthday Ball and Navy Ball will be a reduced price or free for Midshipmen.  We also volunteer our time to the community in many ways like adopting a block to clean.  It really is fulfilling to be a part of this program and know that you are contributing not only to your officer development but to the community as a whole.
Again, congratulations to the new Midshipmen for making it into the program, and I look forward to contributing to your officer development.

MIDN 1/C James Molinari
Battalion Commander