Battalion Structure-Steel City Naval ROTC - Carnegie Mellon University

Battalion Structure

            Our unit’s battalion is structured to emulate basic military ground combat organization.  Midshipmen are tasked with operating all weekly battalion activities from physical training to naval lab and drill practice.  As such, midshipmen fill all positions within the battalion to carry out our unit’s military training in an organized manner.  A midshipmen-run battalion also allows students to take on leadership positions and effectively exercise the chain of command; training critical to becoming competent Navy and Marine Corps Officers.

            Steel City NROTC’s battalion of approximately 100 midshipmen is divided into three companies, Alpha,  Bravo, and Headquarters.  Each company consists of two platoons, each broken down into three squads of about five to six midshipmen, with the exeception of Headquarters Company, which contains the billeted memebers of the battalion. Each unit in the battalion breakdown has a leader, such as squad leaders at the lowest level to company commanders and battalion commander at the highest.  Midshipmen learn the dynamics of battalion organization and communication, as well as the responsibilities expected of each billet or position as they advance through our NROTC program.

            Additionally, first-class midshipmen typically hold positions of higher rank and thus carry greater responsibility.  The battalion is lead by a group of midshipmen organized into a battalion staff.  The staff includes the Battalion Commander, Executive Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer or Sergeant Major, and the Administrative, Logistics, Operations, and Training Officers.  Midshipmen progress through the battalion ranks, taking on greater leadership positions with each advancement to a higher class.  By progressing from squad body fourth-class year, to squad leader or battalion staff officer first-class year, each midshipman is imbued with the qualities of both a successful follower and leader.