Apply for Use of Facilities-The Pittsburgh NMR Center for Biomedical Research - Carnegie Mellon University

Apply for Use of Facilities

To apply for use of the Pittsburgh NMR Center facilities, please fill out the following application.

Important: Please read before filling out application!

Several of the fields below ask for lengthy responses. We recommend that you write your responses with another text application (ex: Word, Wordpad, Notepad, etc.) and copy and paste your responses to minimize the risk of lost data.






Title of Project

Period of Time Requested

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Description of Research Project

Rationale for the Proposed Research: (Explain your need for using an NMR system.)

Proposed Experiments (include pertinent literature references)

If this is an on-going project in the NMR Center, give a brief summary of progress in the past year and a list of any papers published or abstracts presented at meetings.

Significance of the Proposed Research

Sources of Research Support (granting agencies; titles, duration, and amount of grants/contracts; etc.)