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Peter Cooke

Peter CookePeter Cooke is a renowned designer, educationalist, administrator, researcher and theatre practitioner.  MORE

Terry Irwin

Terry IrwinTerry Irwin is a designer, educator and researcher working in sustainable and interdisciplinary design.

As head of the School of Design, Irwin's expertise addresses design's relationship to interdisciplinary practice, addressing social issues and solving ecological problems.


John Carson

John CarsonJohn Carson is an accomplished performance artist, educator and researcher.

As head of the School of Art, Carson’s expertise addresses international arts education.

He is an accomplished writer in the field of multimedia art, and his writing has appeared in various catalogues, magazines and books around the world.


Dan Boyarski

BoyarskiDan Boyarski is an expert in dynamic information, interface and interaction design, and how type, image, sound and movement may be combined for effective communication.

Boyarski has conducted research for organizations like Samsung Electronics, IBM, Nortel Networks, Carnegie Museum of Art and Microsoft.

Franco Sciannameo

SciannameoDirector and principal faculty of the BXA Intercollege Degree Programs, Franco Sciannameo is an expert on music and soundtracks for motion pictures and television.