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Eric Paulos

Director, Living Environments Lab

Eric Paulos trained as an electrical engineer and computer scientist and began his career as a roboticist and now, as director of the Living Environments Lab in the School of Computer Science’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, focuses on how technology intersects both human life and the living planet.

  • In research that began at Intel Research Berkeley, Paulos’ group is studying how mobile phones can be used as environmental sensing devices, in addition to communication devices. The environment people most want to monitor is their own.
  • Paulos emphasizes the importance of DIY (do it yourself) culture as a means for people to adapt technology for their own uses.
  • Paulos’ lab has developed low-cost water flow sensors that can be used in networks to raise awareness of water use and encourage better, more sustainable water handling practices in developing communities.

Media Contact: Email Byron Spice or call 412-268-9068.

For more information, visit Paulos' web page.