November-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


So far in the month of November, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations has counted hundreds of references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

CMU alumna named a Rhodes Scholar | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Researchers Are Trying To Teach Computers Common Sense | Business Insider/ Associated Press

Why Carnegie Mellon Has the Most Ambitious Startup Founders | Keystone Edge

Carnegie Mellon Bringing Sciences Programs to Brooklyn | The New York Times

Subra Suresh formally installed as CMU president | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Hedge Fund Billionaire David Tepper Gives $67M To Carnegie Mellon | Forbes

Delving into Digital Learning | Inside Higher Ed

Inkblot, the new fool-proof password system | The Times of India

Carnegie Mellon Takes Top Spot in Part-Time MBA Ranking | Bloomberg Businessweek