March-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


So far in the month of March, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations has counted hundreds of references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Carnegie Mellon U. Students Use Fingerprint Scans, Not ID Cards, for Payment | The Chronicle of Higher Education's Wired Campus blog

Robotic snake can 'perch' on poles | WIRED

Finally, a Robot Chimp that Turns into a Tank | TIME magazine

Revamped Engineering Programs Emphasize Real-World Problem Solving | U.S. News & World Report

Get to Know Facebook's Privacy Settings | The Wall Street Journal Live

Innovator: Hui Zhang's Hiccup-Free Streaming Video | Bloomberg Businessweek

Congress Gets a Tutorial on the Fed | The Wall Street Journal

Study: Facebook Users More Protective Even as They Reveal More About Themselves | The New York Times' Bits blog

Subra Suresh, a New Face at Carnegie Mellon | The Wall Street Journal's India Real Time blog

U.S. military funds research to arm unmanned vehicles against cyberattacks | Venture Beat