February-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


So far in the month of February, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations has counted hundreds of references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

The MOOC-Averse Technology U. | InsideHigherEd.com

Reframe the Workplace, Change the World | Forbes.com

Targeting Tech-Savvy Startups | The Wall Street Journal

Designing the ultimate bobsled for BMW | The Los Angeles Times

Human Brain's Seamless Backup Mechanism Observed | Science World Report, New York

In New England, a Natural Gas Trap | The New York Times

Opinion: Doctors Who Don't Speak Out | The New York Times

MBA Concentrations for the Daring | Bloomberg Businessweek

16 Great Startups College Students Are Working On Right Now | BusinessInsider.com

For U.S. Colleges in India, Great Possibilities, Thwarted Hopes | The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Saturday Essay: Family Inc. | The Wall Street Journal

Carnegie Mellon Chooses a New President | The New York Times

Crowdsourced language app seeks to translate entire Web | USA Today

Back on Broadway | New York Post

Staging a Sisterhood | The New York Times