November-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


So far in the month of November, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations has counted hundreds of references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Why you keep playing the lottery |

What Makes Dickens a Lousy Running Buddy? | The Wall Street Journal

Global Steel Industry Faces Capacity Glut | The Wall Street Journal

Overnight Rates Surge in Fed's Operation Twist | Bloomberg Businessweek

Minority Report becomes reality: New software that predicts when laws are about to be broken | Daily Mail, United Kingdom

Who Made That Emoticon? | The New York Times

More Afghan land cultivated for opium poppies, U.N. finds | Los Angeles Times

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Colds |

Opinion: How Far Away Is Mind-Machine Integration? | Scientific American

Mission to explore caves on Mars intrigues scientists |

"What Will The Future Be Like?" | PBS "NOVA scienceNow"

Female Developers and Athletes Take the Leading Role at espnW Hack Day |

Michelle Andrews weighs the benefits of high-deductible health plans | The Washington Post

Robots are marching into homes | USA Today

Predicting Presidents, Storms and Life by Computer | Associated Press/

Pollution perhaps linked to gas drilling vanishing | Associated Press/The Wall Street Journal

In Flooded New Jersey, No Oversight For Levees | NPR's "All Things Considered"