December-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


So far in the month of December, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations has counted hundreds of references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Privacy by the Numbers: A New Approach to Safeguarding Data | Scientific American

Hurricane Sandy Alters Utilities' Calculus on Upgrades | The New York Times

N.Y. news site stirs outrage after publishing gun owners' names | Los Angeles Times

Smartphone snoops? How your phone data is being shared | CBS News

Gifts That Keep Giving (if Not Exploding) | The New York Times

Obituary: Jack Klugman, Actor of Everyman Integrity, Dies at 90 | The New York Times

All the World's a Game, and Business Is a Player | The New York Times

Rebounding in Pittsburgh | The New York Times

How Do You Get to Broadway? | The Wall Street Journal

Citizen Smart-Kites Check China's Air | WIRED

How to Attack the Gender Wage Gap? Speak Up | The New York Times

For Lesser Crimes, Rethinking Life Behind Bars | The New York Times

Learning from the best | Los Angeles Times

2013 10 Best: 10 Most Promising Technologies | Car and Driver magazine

What can Canada learn from tiny Qatar? | The Globe and Mail, Canada

Setting Up Shop on the West Coast | The Wall Street Journal

How can an entire country be taken offline? | The Washington Post

Medical advice from the Dalai Lama's doctor |

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 2013 |

Smoke signals: Legal marijuana on its way in some states | Chicago Tribune

New York's $100 million competition for a 'genius' school yields more winners than expected | The New York Daily News

NIH gives $9.3 million to a Pittsburgh-based computing team | The Baltimore Sun, Maryland