May-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


From May 1-31, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted more than 2,415 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Hard times, fewer crimes | The Wall Street Journal - The Saturday Essay

Academics, in new move, begin to work with Wikipedia | The Chronicle of Higher Education - Wired Campus Blog

Lockheed network hit by major disruption-sources | Reuters/China Daily

The season of the supernatural | The Wall Street Journal

Sunlight worsens jet pollution | Science News

Robots gone wild in Daniel H. Wilson's 'Robopocalypse' | USA Today

40% of firms have experienced lost or stolen mobile devices |

Steady decline in major crime baffles experts | The New York Times

Privacy on social networks: American, Chinese, and Indian perspectives | IEEE Spectrum

Our data, ourselves | The Boston Globe

Talk about pay today, or suffer tomorrow | The New York Times

Private sector lifts grads' job outlook | The Wall Street Journal

Treats without calories? Imagine that | The New York Times

Why wind intermittency is not a big deal | Simply Green

Retracted climate critics' study panned by expert |

Carnegie Mellon's classroom salon encourages collaborative critique |

The quiet revolution in open learning | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Rochester and Pittsburgh offer plenty of housing bargains | ABC News

The rise Of The robo-waiter | NPR

Jet pollution can penetrate the brain and lungs study reveals | The Telegraph

Women at work | Business Standard, India

Together, patron and artist endure a live-in, week-long performance art project | The Washington Post

Don't open that email! How to reduce the threat of phishing |

Most nuclear plans on track outside Japan, Germany | Associated Press/

Virtual possessions are more valuable to teens | ANI/Times of India

7.5 million Facebook users are under 13: study | Agence France-Presse/MSN Philippines

Jet exhaust, sunlight can create pollution | United Press International

MotionBeam lets you control games with a projector |

Environmental impacts force changes in fracking | Research and Development Magazine

The best places to buy a home right now |

The Rise of Teaching Machines | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kitchen chemistry | Ivanhoe Broadcast News/KFMB-TV News - San Diego CBS affiliate

Hello, world: Finch robot designed to be portable, rugged and affordable | Innovations Report, Germany

Unlocking the gates: How and why leading universities are opening up access to their courses | Times Higher Education

Student activist fights to end sex trafficking in massage parlors |

Congress looks at Sony's data security | Marketplace

Aron Ralston, Carnegie Mellon alumnus and subject of film "127 Hours," to give keynote address at Carnegie Mellon commencement, May 15 | Reuters

Sheikha Al Mayasa attends graduation of 48 Carnegie Mellon Qatar students | Qatar News Agency

Can social networking save students from failing in school? | Network World

2011 Tony Nominations Announced; Book of Mormon Earns 14 Nominations |

Customers stay despite high-profile data breaches | ABC News

Food for thought: How energy is squandered in food industry | USA Today

A thinking person's diet | Scientific American