March-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


From March 1-31, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted more than 1,900 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Nuclear radiation in pop culture: more giant lizards than real science | The Christian Science Monitor

Deciphering old texts, one woozy, curvy word at a time | The New York Times

Pittsburgh symposium answers: What is Watson? | Associated Press/ABC News

What is the standard for intervention in foreign conflicts? | NPR's "Tell Me More"

Is the internet destroying privacy? | ABC News

Could fruit flies' brains make computers faster? | TIME - Techland

SuperD and the Carnegie Mellon University carries out the cooperation, promotes 3D to develop the personnel training |

Pictured: The robots called in to help prevent nuclear meltdown at Fukushima plant | Daily Mail

What's behind our conflicted feelings on nukes? | The Washington Times

First eyes inside nuclear plant may be a robot's | NPR's "Morning Edition"

Is there a 'war on cops'? Eric Holder vows action as police fears rise | The Christian Science Monitor

Reinhart, Meltzer Interview on Fed, U.S. Economy | Bloomberg

Open networking foundation pursues new standards | The New York Times

New chief for research university group | Inside Higher Ed

CMU researchers to showcase electric version of Honda Civic | International Business Times

Send in the robots to Japan's nuclear meltdown | The Daily Beast

Why Charlie Sheen and Muammar Qaddafi aren't winning the media | Christian Science Monitor

Microsoft: IE9's web privacy hole? A feature, not a bug | The Register

Women need to negotiate pay raises | PBS "Nightly Business Report"

New concern: The social media divide |

New dean at CMU's Tepper School of Business | The Wall Street Journal

Baybars is new dean of CMUQ | Gulf Times

Goal-line technology brought closer by latest academic research | The Guardian

Opinion: Cutting Head Start is bad fiscal policy |

Poker bots invade online gambling | The New York Times

Looks like a job for an e-lawyer | China Daily

Shrinivas Dempo donates 3 mln to Carnegie Mellon | India Report

India on mind, Carnegie Mellon University thinks digital | Business Standard, India

Unequal pay for equal work dogs | Times of India

Q&A: Improving preclinical trials |, United Kingdom

$100m boost for real-time info apps | The Straits Times, Singapore

Self-driving car on road out of science fiction | The Washington Times

To LOL, or not LOL? That is the question | Associated Press/USA Today

Tony Blair's global 'battle of ideas' | BBC News, United Kingdom

Armies of expensive lawyers, replaced by cheaper software | The New York Times

The high cost of celebrities gone wild | Bloomburg Businessweek

Finally, you can POW-WHAM punch like a comic book character | Yahoo! Finance/The Atlantic

Game mechanics can rev up sales |

Ingenious minds - Temple Grandin | The Science Channel/

Outrage as Facebook changes its privacy rules AGAIN to share users' phone numbers and home addresses with third party companies | Daily Mail

India: The next university superpower? | BBC News

Fed chief steps back into political matters | Associated Press/Bloomberg Businessweek

Can money motivate weight loss? Perhaps at first | Reuters/Science Magazine

By the numbers: Food miles | The Environmental Magazine

Robots with their heads in the clouds | Discovery News