June-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


From June 1-30, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted hundreds of references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Housing bust? What housing bust? | The Wall Street Journal

Support and suggestions for lagarde | China Daily

Kushagra Bajaj announces $2.5 mil. endowment for Carnegie Mellon

Universities to the economic rescue | The Scientist

Liberal-arts colleges venture into unlikely territory: Online courses | The Chronicle of Higher Education – The Wired Campus Blog

Worried about jobs, college women go 'geek' | Christian Science Monitor

Appliance disruptions feared in power grid test | Associated Press/CBS News

President announces an initiative in technology | The New York Times

Lost in translation: Ford teams with nuance communications to master human language | MSNBC.com

Analysis: Troop cuts herald shift in US approach | Associated Press/The New York Times

Greenspan tells Charlie Rose default by Greece ‘almost certain’ | Businessweek

If it feels good, charge it | Slate.com

Is the smart grid too smart for us? | MSNBC – Cosmic Log

Air quality concerns threaten natural gas's image | NPR's “All Things Considered”

Life after Moore's law | The Hindu – Business Line

Pittsburgh is remade as steal city | The Wall Street Journal

Fed officials discuss explicit inflation target | Bloomberg

Obama puts weight behind manufacturing | The Korea Times

At mature techs, a young vibe | The Wall Street Journal

Periodic table gets two new elements thanks to US-Russia collaboration | The China Post

Cell phones cause more than just cancer scare | The Times of India

Hackers and clouds: How secure is the web? | National Public Radio

Twitter's secret handshake | The New York Times

Weekend of innovation: Toyota tech, part 2 | Discovery News

Summit plots route to clean electricity | Nature News

2 new elements officially added to periodic table | Associated Press / ABC News

Heaviest elements yet join periodic table | New Scientist

Weekend of innovation: Toyota tech repurposed for good | Discovery News

2011 timeline of major high tech awards: Cryptographers, Unix pioneers lead the way | ComputerWorld

Maybe shopping really can make you happier | Allure Magazine

Eric Schmidt and others invest in rich media display ad startup Spongecell | The Washington Post

Information flow can reveal dirty deeds | Science News

A missionary From the borscht belt | The Wall Street Journal

How the brain recognizes faces | Times of India