July-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


So far in the month of July, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations has counted more than 1,190 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

Anonymous no more | The Economist, United Kingdom

CMU develops transit app for Pittsburgh commuters | Associated Press

Race to the moon heats up for private firms | The New York Times

New QR codes emulate 'hobo symbols' of the past | CBS New York

Still lonely at the top | The Economist, UK

Robots use Kinect to understand our world | NewScientist.com

Insight from trouble in recognizing objects | The New York Times

Us. And them. | National Geographic

Amazon cleared to gather signatures for vote on California tax | Bloomberg.com

How intelligent cars will make driving easier and greener | Popular Science

Consumers are willing to pay more to protect their privacy online | Marketplace.PublicRadio.org

United States of narcissism | Newsweek.com

Which college scores best on the GMAT? | Bloomberg Businessweek

Salford Uni strikes Pittsburgh deal | The Business Desk, United Kingdom

Calorie counts don’t change most people’s dining-out habits, experts say | The Washington Post

Fly me to the moon | The Wall Street Journal

Breastfeeding truck coming to a city near you? | CNET.com

Attacks on websites spark demand for cyber-security experts | Los Angeles Times