February-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


From February 1-28, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted more than 2,200 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

DEMO 2011: Charter a private jet with FlyRuby | The New York Times

Study reveals plug-in hybrids to drive down CO2 emissions | International Business Times/Green Investing

Promoting cross-cultural understanding through food and art | The Christian Science Monitor

Books in consideration: 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' | Los Angeles Times Blogs

Books in consideration: 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' | Los Angeles Times

Schooling the Jeopardy! Champ: Far from elementary | Science

Submersible robot manned by zoo visitors helps researchers unravel deep sea mysteries | International Business Times

Why do big firms fail, and why have big firms failed America? | Forbes.com Blog

Commentary: I'll take 'Dread of the Future' for $1,000, Alex | McClatchy Newspapers

Why smart people don't necessarily make smart groups | The Globe and Mail, Canada

Ronald Reagan and the African American | The National Review

Polish chemist gets Israeli 'Nobel prize' | The News, Poland

Q&A: Cyber-espionage | CBC.ca

Changing gears: Mayor Daley and Chicago's economic transformation | National Public Radio

I, reporters | The Economist Blog

Machines beat us at our own game: What can we do? | Associated Press/ABC News

Carbon footprint comparisons from your smartphone | The Guardian

Ask for a raise? Most women hesitate | NPR's "All Things Considered"

You have a regional dialect — even on Twitter | BBC News

Bad times may seem worse if you expect to repeat them | HealthDay News/U.S. News and World Report

ECOWAS criticizes SAfrica warship off West Africa | Associated Press/Bloomberg

Health benefits of falling and staying in love | The Washington Post

'Captcha' squiggles give way to ad pitches on security tests | USA Today

Online courses, still lacking that third dimension | The New York Times

Pittsburgh plays pension defense | The Wall Street Journal

Oscar win for Best Actress ups divorce risk | ANI/Times of India

Packers, Steelers fans among NFL's most rabid | Associated Press/NPR

Study shows hybrids and diesels retain more value over time | Reuters.com

Snake-bots slither inside your body during surgery | Wired.co.uk