April-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University


From April 1-30, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted more than 2,148 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.

No shuttle launch but still a big day | The Washington Post

How secure is the data you put online? No one really knows | Marketplace Public Radio

The science of science | The Economist

For free food on their campus, hungry students consult 'Food-Bot' | The Chronicle of Higher Education — Wired Campus Blog

PlayStation data breach deemed in 'top 5 ever' | CBC.ca

Waiting lists have plenty of company | The New York Times - The Choice Blog

Go back in time with Google's time machine! | ANI/Hindustan Times

More apply for CMU-Q courses | The Peninsula

Synthesized speech: More human by the day | CBS News

Food for thought: US squanders energy on food chain | CNBC.com

Pa. official: End nears for wastewater releases | Associated Press/Boston.com

Google, a giant in mobile search, seeks new ways to make it pay | The New York Times

Time Warps: Cool science videos | USAToday.com

Does the 'empathy gap' encourage torture? | Huffington Post

The computer rebellion that wasn't | The Economist Blogs

Pa. sees threat to drinking water from natural gas drilling waste | Associated Press/USA Today

Reliable tally of gay population proves elusive | The Wall Street Journal

Think before you speak | The Economist

Empathy and torture | The Economist

Something for the weekend | Financial Times

7 'non-gym' weight loss tips | Times of India

Poker bots invade the virtual casino | Marketplace Public Radio

Crowdsourcing: Using language students to translate the internet | Discover Magazine Blog

As Congress slashes EPA budget, research least harmed | Science

Is it torture if you have not felt it? | Reuters/TVNZ

Fukushima set for epic clean-up | Nature.com

How to think yourself into a happy place | TIME - Healthland

Gates goes open | Inside Higher Ed

Developing world: Educating India | Nature

In pictures: Express yourself with 3-D printing | BBC News

The kitchen of the conflict | BBC World/La Tercera

Experts: Ocean life can handle radioactive leaks | Associated Press/The Wall Street Journal

Child identity theft is on the rise | Marketplace - American Public Media