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News Clips - February 13, 2009

From February 6 to February 12, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted 371 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.


Disney supports fellowships at Carnegie Mellon U. in honor of Randy Pausch
The Chronicle of Higher Education Wired Campus Blog | February 9
The Walt Disney Company announced late last week that it has endowed the creation of two graduate fellowships at Carnegie Mellon University in honor of Randy Pausch, the late computer-science professor who delivered an inspiring “last lecture” at the university about making dreams come true.


Was Keynes right?
Newsweek | February 6
Some economists, like Allan Meltzer of Carnegie Mellon, are absolutely sure of the opposite: "I think this is the introduction to a disaster," Meltzer says. "We're going to face a big inflation. Everybody talks about how much we need to do now. But no one talks about how we're going to unwind what we're doing now."


Will work for praise
BusinessWeek | February 5
Luis von Ahn, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, has come up with online games that lead people to do tasks computers can't handle, such as identifying the subjects of photos on Web sites. "For some jobs, you need their brainpower for only five or 10 seconds," he says.


Top tech policy people to watch
Conde Nast Portfolio | February 5
Before being named chief technologist for the Federal Communications Commission last October, Jon Peha worked as an engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon) where he was also associate director of the Center for Wireless and Broadband Networking. A CTO with startup experience, Peha's research interests while at Carnegie Mellon included spectrum policy reform, network neutrality, and public safety communications.

Education for Leadership

Stephen Schwartz to receive Richard Rodgers Award for Excellence in musical theater
Stage Directions | February 9
Stephen Schwartz’s remarkable musical theater career makes him an ideal choice to join this extraordinary group of recipients. Born in New York City on March 6, 1948, Mr. Schwartz studied piano and composition at the Juilliard School of Music while in high school and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1968 with a B.F.A. in Drama.

Arts and Humanities

Why saving for your future is so hard
Yahoo! Finance | February 5
Psychologists, economists and legal scholars often speak of people as having multiple selves. This odd idea helps to explain a lot of our mistakes - we just don't always know what will make our future selves happy. In fact, we make predictable errors, says Carnegie Mellon University economist George Loewenstein, thanks in part to a mental habit called projection bias.

Information Technology

Mitigating risk with quality checkpoints
CIO | February 6
Disturbing study results and statistics supporting my observations abound. The central problem is apparent that all too often, according to Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, software gets delivered on time by way of overtime and individual heroics. While defined processes may well exist, when faced with a tight deadline or when any sort of crisis evolves, even ambiguity, those processes often are forgotten or foregone under the weight of the overwhelming pressure to deliver on that all-important deadline.


Small is ugly if it means we keep burning coal
Grist Environmental News & Commentary | February 10
Let's look at data from the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center for one [PDF] PV system for one day in Prescott, Arizona. You will note that in this example from one of the most suitable spots for solar electricity in the U.S. (a desert with both strong sun and few clouds), most of the power is delivered in an 8 hour period.

Regional Impact

Yough girls put robotics to the test in Ruffsdale
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 8
The Lego League competition is held annually at the Carnegie Mellon Institute of Robotics in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh and offers the students the opportunity to put together a team to assemble a robot.


Pittsburgh could be first city to switch to energy efficient street lights
WPXI-TV News | February 9
Councilman Bill Peduto had proposed the city switch 40,000 street light bulbs to the energy efficient LED bulbs. Monday, several members who support the program tried to figure out how the task would be accomplished. Experts from Carnegie Mellon and The President Bill Clinton Climate Initiative met with council Monday. The group said at least 35 to 70 percent could be saved on the electric bill with LED lights.


Carnegie Mellon raises Charles Darwin from the dead
ARN Net | February 10
If Charles Darwin were alive today, about 200 years after he was born, he'd have a few things to say. That's the thinking behind a project from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center and Duquesne University that virtually brings the British naturalist and father of evolution theory back to life.


The solution is under desert sands
The National | February 7
Despite the technical and philosophical questions raised by the opposition, the biggest hurdle for CCS remains the high cost, says David Gerard, a CCS expert at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania who co-edited a book in 2007 on the challenges facing its implementation.