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News Clips -August 7, 2009

From July 31 to August 6, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted 423 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.


Use bribes to stay healthy | August 5
With incentives "you are raising the price of vice and lowering the price of virtue--if you want to call it a bribe, go ahead," says Yale economist Dean Karlan. Immediate payoffs can be particularly motivating, adds Carnegie Mellon economist George Loewenstein. The prospect of a fast payout activates the brain's limbic system, involved in emotion and reward, brain scanning studies have found; payoffs far in the future mainly stimulate areas involved in rational thought.


DOD rethinks social media access
Washington Technology | August 3
“There certainly are security concerns associated with social networking. But it would be a step back to ban social networks completely,” said information technology security expert Rohyt Belani, a consultant and instructor at Carnegie Mellon University. “I think there is a middle ground that can be reached."

Education for Leadership

Carnegie Mellon-Q student wins Google scholarship
The Peninsula | August 5
The student of Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar (Carnegie Mellon-Q) who was declared one of the winners of the prestigious Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship said women have a very important role to play in the advancement of technology in today’s society. “I don’t believe that women can do better than men or otherwise but I think having a diverse group generally makes every team better because of the different ideas generated that people look for,” Keghani Kristelle Kouzoujian, who will enter her senior year under the Carnegie Mellon-Q Computer Science program, told The Peninsula yesterday.

Arts and Humanities

Visionary Arts Festival debuts this weekend with 'cosmic' work
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 6
Regular visitors to local galleries will recognize the names of the formally trained artists at this show, including Connie Kantor, Constance Merriman and Lowry Burgess, a Carnegie Mellon University professor. But there's also the work of Bill Davis, a poet who paints, Christina Martine, Curt Sell and Moshe Sherman.

Information Technology

Crying wolf: Do security warnings help? | July 30
Like the boy who cried wolf, have Internet security warnings lost their credibility?A false alarm Study from Carnegie Mellon University researchers indicates Internet users have become immune to Internet security warnings. After studying the behavior of more than 400 Internet users, Carnegie Mellon University computer researchers concluded that because users encounter so many pop-up warnings in benign situations, they have become immune to the messages.


LEDs: As energy efficient as compact
The New York Times | August 4
Until recently, no one knew if that was the case. In March, a preliminary study reported by Carnegie Mellon indicated that LED lamps were more energy efficient throughout their life, but the researchers pointed out that not every aspect of the production process was taken into account.

Regional Impact

For local gov’ts in fiscal distress, Act 47 is a Band-Aid
The Tribune-Democrat | August 4
Let’s jump to a 2004 study – “Sinking Ships: Municipalities in Fiscal Distress” – done by the Heinz School of Carnegie Mellon’s Center for Economic Development. Highlights of the study are: The problems of fiscal distress are not confined to the city of Pittsburgh, but are in fact much more broadly shared than is commonly believed.


Headlines 101: How many colleges and universities are located in the city of Pittsburgh? | July 31
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the home to many colleges and universities. Prospective students will find that there are many institutions of higher learning to select from in the city of Pittsburgh. Regardless of where you are from, you will be sure to find the perfect fit for you. […] Carnegie Mellon University, located in Oakland, is a global research university comprised of more than 10,000 students, 70,000 alumni and 4,000 faculty and staff. The university is recognized for its world-class arts and technology programs and is consistently a top-ranked university.


80 take part in college preview ’09
Qatar Tribune | August 3
The Carnegie Mellon University- Qatar and Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar celebrated the conclusion of the 2009 Summer College Preview Program in which 80 students took part. The four-week joint college preparatory course was a partnership between the two universities and was designed to accommodate a maximum of 80 students.


US 'committed to Africa'
iAfrica | August 3
Obama's trip to Ghana "was more symbolic than substantive. He stayed there less than 24 hours and made a speech to Africans that some considered a bit patronizing," Jendayi Frazer told AFP. Frazer, now a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, said there has been a "huge vacuum" in Africa policy since Obama took office. She praised Clinton for her extensive itinerary in Africa but said it was important for her to bring concrete initiatives.


Carnegie Mellon University plans Merit Scholarships for Brazilian Students
In Business | July 31
Carnegie Mellon University is forging closer ties with some of Brazil’s most famous universities to provide merit-based scholarships for graduate students. The scholarships are for graduate students to study in Carnegie Mellon’s Asia Pacific campus in South Australia. Up to 50 scholarships may become available for Latin American students from Brazil and other countries pending agreement between SA and Brazilian government agencies, scholarship funding bodies and universities.