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News Clips - August 21, 2009

From August 14 to August 20, Carnegie Mellon Media Relations counted 415 references to the university in worldwide publications. Here is a sample.


Bernanke's tough task: Withdrawing emergency aid
The New York Times (AP) | August 21
''There's no question the Fed has the capacity to reel in the stimulus. It is the politics that trouble me,'' says Allan Meltzer, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and author of a history of the central bank.


Why we walk in circles
Science Magazine | August 20
Roberta Klatzky, a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, calls this proposed explanation "extremely simple and elegant." Previous studies, dating back to the 1920s, have found that people tend to veer from a straight path when they're unable to see, she says, but in pre-GPS days, researchers weren't able to track people long and far enough to see them walk in complete circles.


Why downloading music isn't always the greenest option
PC World | August 19
A report released this week titled "The Energy and Climate Change Impacts of Different Music Delivery Methods" [PDF] [3] illuminates the environmental benefits and potential drawbacks of dematerialization, an economic term that basically means "using fewer materials to achieve the same economic outcome. […] (The authors are Jonathan G. Koomey, visiting professor at Yale University; Christopher L. Weber, research assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University; and H. Scott Matthews, associate professor at Carnegie Mellon.)

Education for Leadership

Pogo athletes bounce into Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 20
Participants will use extreme pogo sticks, including the BowGo, which was developed by Ben Brown of Carnegie Mellon University and a source of considerable excitement among pogo athletes. […]"This is related to extreme sports, but it's also related to entertainment, fitness and fun," said Nick Ryan, 20, a Pogopalooza 6 organizer and incoming junior at Carnegie Mellon University. "The BowGo is a huge addition to this world."

Arts and Humanities

Golan Levin makes art that looks back at you
Exchange Magazine | August 14
Many of his pieces force audience participation, such as Dialtones: A Telesymphony, a concert from 2001 entirely composed of the choreographed ringtones of his audience. Regularly exhibiting pieces in galleries around the world, and also working as an Assistant Professor of Electronic Time-Based Art at Carnegie Mellon University, Golan Levin is unapologetically pushing boundaries to define a brave new world of what is possible.


Mattress Factory announces guest-curated group exhibition likeness
Art Daily | August 17
Elaine A. King, who is a freelance critic and curator as well as a professor at Carnegie Mellon University teaching Art History/Theory/Museum Studies, will curate the exhibition. According to King, “All of these artists have worked with different materials in cross-disciplinary ways and each have made works that focus on shifts in the manifestation of human beings during this time of social and technological transformation. The change in focus of the human figure in contemporary art from other eras, which primarily relied upon the sensory and physical properties of form as subject matter has shifted in portrayal because of alterations of lifestyle, identity and technology.

Information Technology

How Google gets you to tag their images
Associated Content | August 18
Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University came up with a brilliant idea in 2006. His idea was to incorporate this task into an addicting game where people would actually want to do this, hence The ESP Game. When you log on to to play the game, you are actually labeling images for Google. I was so impressed with this, I just had to write an article about it.


New initiative to develop modeling tools for disease and complex systems | August 19
A multidisciplinary team led by Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist Edmund M. Clarke has received a five-year, $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation's Expeditions in Computing program to create revolutionary computational tools that will advance science on a broad array of fronts, from discovering new cancer treatments to designing safer aircraft.


EPA funding to reduce diesel emissions in Allegheny County
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 14
The grant comes after a Carnegie Mellon University study released in March that found the Downtown business district and Neville Island were hot spots for especially high amounts of diesel emission air pollution.

Regional Impact

Pittsburgh among areas with some hiring gains
Pittsburgh Business Times | August 17
That quality is another factor separating the “eds and meds” in Pittsburgh, which had 1.45 percent growth, from many other labor markets, Futrell said. The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University conduct almost $1 billion in combined research each year and also spin out technologies into local start-up companies, Futrell said.^1937121


New Web sites extol Pittsburgh before arrival of world's leaders
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 21
And the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC have joined forces with Carnegie Mellon University to create, a site aimed at national and international journalists that localizes the commonly used buzzword "ed-med economy." Visiting journalists can click on one link allowing them to sign up for tours of 11 different "bricks and mortar" sites, said Madelyn Ross, associate vice chancellor for national media relations at Pitt, from the new Children's Hospital -- "the first paperless hospital," she noted -- to the robotics research facilities at Carnegie Mellon to Pitt's Biomedical Science Towers.


A net-benefit greenhouse gas plan
Globe and Mail | August 21
Richard S.J. Tol speaks with a certain authority. He is a research professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin. He is a professor of the economics of climate change at Vrije University in Amsterdam. He is adjunct professor in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He is an associate professor at the Centre of Marine and Atmospheric Science in Hamburg. He is an author of the most recent report of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And he asserts that effective carbon reduction programs need impose only remarkably small costs.


Carnegie Mellon-Q welcomes 98 new students
The Peninsula | August 20
Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar (Carnegie Mellon-Q) welcomed 98 new students to the university during its Orientation Week. The incoming student body is made up of 90 new students and 8 transfers, deriving from a focused and highly successful local and regional recruiting campaign.