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PCHE Statement


PCHE Institutions Share Deep Concerns Over Services Fee, Taxes on Future Land Purchases As Suggested in Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1175 and House Bill 2191

Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary President William Carl recently presented a statement on behalf of the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education opposing proposed Pennsylvania state legislation to place an essential services fee on property owned by nonprofit institutions and taxes on future land purchases.

"The overall health and stability of Pittsburgh's colleges and universities and the economic brainpower we generate explains why we have become recognized worldwide for the region's resilience," the statement read. "Weakening the vitality of our institutions in no way spares or protects vulnerable residents. It only serves to weaken the overall economic foundation that these citizens, who are our neighbors, ultimately depend upon for their future.

"The Pittsburgh higher education community shares the state's desire to find real solutions to the fiscal cloud hanging over our cities and towns. In Pittsburgh, we believe we have begun to find a path to real solutions. Responding to the leadership of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, we are helping to forge a broad coalition of nonprofits and the business community to support a sound fiscal future for Pittsburgh. We believe this coalition is a model that can be replicated across Pennsylvania."

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Teresa Thomas