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Green Task Force on Transportation Makes Recommendations

Second Nature LogoSecond Nature’s National Transportation Policy Task Force of 15 college and university presidents is recommending major changes in transportation policy to advance clean energy goals, reduce dependence on foreign oil, build healthy communities, create jobs and assure global competitiveness.

Carnegie Mellon’s Jared L. Cohon is a member of the policy task force that this week urged Congress and the Obama administration to overhaul transportation policy to make reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a top priority. The university presidents said that their organizations and others like them are aggressively pursuing innovative strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all aspects of campus operations.

At the same time, colleges and universities are teaching students about the connections among energy, the environment and the economy to prepare them to contribute to the creation of a clean energy economy. The task force goes on to make several recommendations in areas such as vehicle efficiency, cleaner fuels, financing, and addressing local transportation needs in communities. The task force also stressed the need to encourage innovation and expand research, data collection and evaluation.

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Teresa Thomas