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STUDIO for Creative Inquiry to Host Punto y Raya Film Festival Oct. 12

Punto y RayaThe STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University will bring the Punto y Raya (Dot and Line) film festival to campus 8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 12, in McConomy Auditorium. Admission is free. This festival, which has toured more than 30 cities and is considered "the most abstract film festival in the world," explores the creative possibilities of dots and lines in various spheres of science, art and thought. Punto y Raya features no figuration — just dots and lines as ends in themselves.

Presented by its organizer and curator, Nöel Palazzo of the Barcelona-based artist collective, Moviment d'Alliberament Digital (MAD), Punto y Raya goes back to basics in our representation of space and time to gain an insight into the world beyond perception. Palazzo is a feature film, TV, movie, animation and science fiction writer. Her films have been internationally awarded and she occasionally lectures and writes as a film critic. Palazzo will be present at the screening to introduce and discuss the festival.

Larry Cuba, a featured animator in the Punto y Raya festival, also will be present at the screening. Cuba is a pioneering and well-known computer animator; he worked as John Whitney's assistant in the early 1970s and later produced the well-known "star field" animations for George Lucas's "Star Wars." Cuba currently directs the Iota Center, a Los Angeles based archive and distribution center for computer animation and 20th-century abstract animation.

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Eric Sloss