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Lockheed Martin Partners With ETC


Lockheed Martin Partners With ETC

Lockheed Martin, a global security company, is sponsoring $640,000 of research and development projects at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) this year as it seeks to apply immersive technologies to its products.

The work focuses on enhancing the company’s OMEGA services, a suite of  systems analysis tools and processes that help engineers efficiently react to a vast array of challenges in today’s changing security environments. Among the technologies that will be explored is the ETC’s Synthetic Interviews, which captures video of a person or actor in a database so that a person accessing it appears to have a natural conversation with the video persona. Lockheed Martin also will work with the ETC to evolve modeling and simulation analysis using gaming technologies.

For more see the Lockheed Martin news release. And the recent story in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Byron Spice