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GigaPan Goes to the Inauguration


GigaPan Goes to the Inauguration

GigaPanGigaPan is a technology for producing big images, and photographers equipped with the GigaPan system naturally gravitate to big events, whether it’s a July 4 game at Yankee Stadium or Carnegie Mellon’s own commencement. Tuesday’s inaugural ceremony was such an event, so perhaps it is inevitable that someone would make a GigaPan out of that experience.

New York City photographer David Bergman created a 1,474-megapixel image of President Barack Obama’s inauguration and posted it on the site. He also has posted it on his blog,, together with information about how he made the panorama.

GigaPan, which includes a robotic camera base and special software for combining digital photos to make panoramas, was developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and NASA. The technology is being manufactured and sold by GigaPan Systems Inc.,

Byron Spice