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GigaPan: Most Widely Read Tech Story in 2008


GigaPan: Most Widely Read Tech Story in 2008

The Times of London’s “Times Online” reports that its story on Carnegie Mellon University’s GigaPan Camera System was the most widely read among the top 50 technology stories it covered in 2008.

The GigaPan story beat out articles on the large hadron collider, invisibility devices, and the Indian Space Agency’s newly developed rival to Google Earth.

The GigaPan Camera System is a low-cost robotic device that enables any digital camera to shoot breathtaking, multi-billion pixel panoramas that can be navigated in depth through the Internet. It was developed by Associate Robotics Professor Illah Nourbakhsh and Randy Sargent, a project scientist at Carnegie Mellon’s Silicon Valley campus, in collaboration with scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center. The system is currently in beta tests for commercial release.

Anne Watzman