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Carnegie Mellon on “The Simpsons”


D’oh! Carnegie Mellon Gets “The Simpsons” Treatment

Carnegie Mellon’s reputation as an academically demanding university became a punchline on Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons,” the first high-definition episode of the famous cartoon family. The Carnegie Mellon mention begins 6 minutes, 40 seconds into the episode.

In the episode, Homer travels back in time to his high school days to consider what his life would have been like if he had been elected senior class president. To head off that possibility, however, Principal Dondelinger asks “teenage” Lenny and Carl to bury a box of ballots.

In exchange for this devious act, Lenny and Carl ask for a bad recommendation so they don't have to go to college and they can stay in high school and party. "OK,” Dondelinger responded, “but if you screw this up, it’s Carnegie Mellon University for the both of you!"

We can understand why a couple of dimwits like Lenny and Carl would shriek at such a horror, though even Carnegie Mellon students have been known to party now and then. But we can’t say we know exactly why The Simpsons chose to highlight Carnegie Mellon. We do know that Mike Reiss, one of the founding writers of “The Simpsons,” will be on campus at 7 p.m., April 2 to speak during the University Lecture Series in McConomy Auditorium.

Eric Sloss