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Designers Launch Network


Multidisciplinary Black Designers Launch Professional Hub

"Designers for the Twenty First Century" (D421), a network for black designers, will launch its virtual hub and network on June 17 at NeoCon in Chicago's Merchandise Mart. Co-founder Eric Anderson, president of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and associate professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon will be the featured speaker. This event and the following reception are free to the public.

Within the United States, black Americans are significantly underrepresented in the design field; consequently, those in the field are often isolated and lack social support. D421 is a virtual design hub that uses current and emerging models of social networking and media tools to initiate, facilitate and celebrate the past and current work of black designers and support the development of future design practitioners and leaders. D421 is intended to help close gaps in design education and practice, increase the diversity of the global talent pipeline, and serve as an asset to design and business communities. In the future, members of D421 hope to establish and connect to parallel professional networks in order to continue providing increased knowledge, services and opportunities to underrepresented design communities. Visit for more information.

Eric Sloss