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Class of 2009 Could Be Among "Greatest Generation"


Class of 2009 Could Be Among "Greatest Generation"

Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt, chairman of the board and chief executive officer for Google Inc., gave the keynote address at Carnegie Mellon's 112th commencement ceremony yesterday (May 17).  He underscored the importance of technological innovation and understanding the value of the family, friends and people around you.

"You have the opportunity to be the greatest generation," Schmidt told the 3,400 graduates, saying they had all the tools and technologies needed and remarking that Carnegie Mellon computer scientists probably invented everything they touch.

While in jest, he made clear his understanding of the university when he said the culture here is about getting things done for the world.

He left graduates with a charge to continue problem-solving for a better world.

"Live for the future. And to figure it out, you need to turn off your computers and phones. It's about the people around you," he concluded.

Watch Schmidt's speech at Carnegie Mellon on YouTube. You can also download Schmidt's speech and find other commencement-related speeches at Carnegie Mellon on iTunes U.

In the photo, Eric Schmidt receives his hood before being awarded an honorary doctorate in science and technology.

Bruce Gerson