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Art Student Billboards


Art Student Billboards

Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art has once again partnered with Lamar Outdoor Advertising to present eight new billboards throughout Pittsburgh this month. This year's effort was organized by Professor of Art Andrew Ellis Johnson with colleague Ayanah Moor. Juried by curator, author and critic Vicky A. Clark, the works selected were created by undergraduate and graduate students: Seth Boyles; Meaghan Callen; David Kennedy; Julia Kennedy; Amanda Long; Leslie McAhren; Haydee Naula; and James Southard.

The School of Art's collaboration with Lamar Outdoor Advertising was initiated in 2007 by Christopher Sperandio, the former Jill Kraus Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon.

Check out the billboards and their locations here.


Above is Leslie McAhren's creation.

Eric Sloss