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Students Shadow COP15


Environmental Scholars Attend Student Workshops Parallel to Copenhagen Conference

Carnegie Mellon's Vanessa Schweizer, Justin Parisi and Mike Blackhurst will attend a student workshop to discuss how universities can do their part to remedy the world’s climate woes December 13-14 at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. The Carnegie Mellon team will join students from all over the world, including workshop organizers from Yale University and the University of Copenhagen, to lend a voice to ongoing debates about global warming issues. The student conference is designed to shadow the two-week long United Nations global conference, dubbed "COP15," that is expected to draw at least 100 national leaders.

Meet the students and learn more about their research in this short video:

"This is a wonderful opportunity to see how other universities and the world plan to continue the dialogue about climate change since we will be in Europe during the Copenhagen conference," said Schweizer, delegation leader and a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy where she conducts research about climate and energy policy.

Upon their return, the team plans to present their findings and recommendations to the university's Green Practices Committee. Listen as the team discusses their goals:

Chriss Swaney