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Silicon Valley Fence


Silicon Valley Fence

Carnegie Mellon’s historic Fence just got a little longer. The “campus billboard” painted for decades by thousands of student groups after midnight on the part of campus called the Cut, now has a 10-foot extension on the Silicon Valley campus.

The Silicon Valley Fence is a class gift from the 45 grads who received their master’s degrees during a diploma ceremony Aug. 9.  The students, all working professionals, earned their degrees in software engineering and management. Students Minh Nguyen, Belinda Leung, Dossym Nurmukhanov and Anantakrishnan Iyer organized the class gift of $1,500 for the Fence installation. They also donated $1,000 to the Randy Pausch Fund in honor of the late computer science professor.

“We wanted the gift to be something that would, in a sense, connect the Silicon Valley campus with the Pittsburgh campus,” said Nguyen, a software design engineer for Microsoft. “We hope this Fence will be a benefit to students and faculty on campus and become a campus landmark like the one in Pittsburgh.”

To view a video of the installation and first painting, click here

Several student awards were presented at the diploma ceremony. Nguyen received the Class of 2008’s Outstanding Service Award. Recipients of the Return on Education awards were Alexander Quilter, a senior product manager for security and compliance software with Hewlett-Packard, and Chandra Yeleshwarapu, director of product strategy and management and supply chain management for Oracle.

Bruce Gerson