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Carnegie Mellon Multimedia Highlights

Inspire Innovation Inspire Innovation
An overview of "Inspire Innovation: The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University", narrated by alumnus Ted Danson. Learn more about Carnegie Mellon's comprehensive campaign.
  Randy Pausch Randy Pausch: Childhood Dreams
Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium.
Bill Gates Unplugged Bill Gates Unplugged
Carnegie Mellon was the final stop on Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates' recent tour of several nationally recognized universities.
Daniel vs. RoboPhone POPUP Video Daniel vs. RoboPhone
POP-UP Video

Carnegie Mellon alumnus, humorist and robotics author Daniel H. Wilson gets a surprise when Diane — an automated phone system — gives him unexpected attitude.
Pittsburghese Pittsburghese
Barbara Johnstone, Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of English, explains how "Pittsburghese" has come to be such a strong symbol of Pittsburgh's identity.
Keepon: Friend or Foe? Keepon: Friend or Foe?
"How to Build a Robot Army" author and Carnegie Mellon alum Daniel H. Wilson meets the dancing yellow robot Keepon and overcomes his robot paranoia.
Emoticon :-) is Born
Carnegie Mellon Professor Scott Fahlman on the origin of :-).
Young Alum's TV Success Young Alum's TV Success
Gaius Charles (CFA '05), of Friday Night Lights, discusses his experiences at Carnegie Mellon and how they impacted his early career successes.
Carnegie Mellon's Notable Alumni Carnegie Mellon's Notable Alumni
Features Carnegie Mellon alumni from across the university who have made outstanding contributions to the world and our society.
Susan Bassett on Mascot Carnegie Mellon Mascot
Susan Bassett, director of athletics at Carnegie Mellon, on the creation of the Tartans' new mascot.
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