Sample Schedules-M.S. in Computational Biology - Carnegie Mellon University

Sample Schedules

First year fall (37 units)
02-601 Programming for Scientists (12 units)
02-613 Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures (12 units)
03-709 Applied Cell and Molecular Biology (12 units)
02-602 Professional Issues in Computational Biology (1 unit)

First year spring (43 units)
Background course 1 (9 units)
Background course 2 (9 units)
10-601: Introduction to Machine Learning (12 units, used to fill SCS depth requirement)
02-750: Automation of Biological Research (12 units)
02-602 Professional Issues in Computational Biology (1 unit)

Summer (optional 3-12 units)
03-601: Computational Biology Internship
   or 03-700/02-700: Thesis Research

Second year (60 units remaining to degree less depth/research credit from summer)
03-712/02-712: Computational Methods for Biological Modeling and Simulation (12 units, fall)
03-711: Computational Molecular Biology and Genomics (12 units, fall)
   or 02-710: Computational Genomics (12 units, spring)
03-XXX: Computationally-relevant depth course (12 units)
03-XXX: Graduate-level depth course (12 units)
02-XXX: Graduate-level depth course (12 units)
Students who are making appropriate progress toward their degree may take additional approved, relevant elective courses with written approval from their academic advisor